Hey , We’ve met before , How you doin !
You hate me , right !!
But you never realized , I made your life bright

Shall I remind you ??
Well, I accompanied you in your lone times ,
If I wasn’t there
You would’ve never witnessed the power of light ..
You would’ve always lived in a fear of heights .
I know when I get too dark ,
Even your own shadow leaves your path ,
But that shadow is nothing other than your willpower and the courage of your heart
Still, you count me as a adversity in life,
Where as , I shaped you and moulded you ,at the edge of knife ..
I made you self reliant , independent and strong ,
And still you complain about me along !!
I transformed you into who you are today ,
I made you look at the glaze of stars ,
Maybe , I wasn’t the outcome , but a positive part of your war ..
That shining star on the sky is you, dear .
That star is you ,
And I am DARKNESS , which makes the star shines even more brighter than ever .
I am your best friend .
Yours lovingly ,
Darkness …

_Β© Muneeta Aneja ..

Wishing you all , belated happy Diwali . And , I am extremely sorry for the late replies and for not being able to catch up with everyone’s blogpost ..I hope so , my blogging family understands.God bless .

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