Defeat this ” Darkness “

Hey , We’ve met before , How you doin !
You hate me , right !!
But you never realized , I made your life bright

Shall I remind you ??
Well, I accompanied you in your lone times ,
If I wasn’t there
You would’ve never witnessed the power of light ..
You would’ve always lived in a fear of heights .
I know when I get too dark ,
Even your own shadow leaves your path ,
But that shadow is nothing other than your willpower and the courage of your heart
Still, you count me as a adversity in life,
Where as , I shaped you and moulded you ,at the edge of knife ..
I made you self reliant , independent and strong ,
And still you complain about me along !!
I transformed you into who you are today ,
I made you look at the glaze of stars ,
Maybe , I wasn’t the outcome , but a positive part of your war ..
That shining star on the sky is you, dear .
That star is you ,
And I am DARKNESS , which makes the star shines even more brighter than ever .
I am your best friend .
Yours lovingly ,
Darkness …

_Β© Muneeta Aneja ..

Wishing you all , belated happy Diwali . And , I am extremely sorry for the late replies and for not being able to catch up with everyone’s blogpost ..I hope so , my blogging family understands.God bless .

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  1. I agree, the darkness is there to help understand there to understand and rise above our struggles and find our hope, strength and courage that help us grow and embrace the light within. Light and dark are a pair bring balance to the world.

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  2. a very nice write and the photo with this post just adds to the total feel of the post. life is everything about opposites, the yin/yang. sometimes to defeat a foe, one must embrace it.
    did you take the photo?

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