Where is our nation heading to:

Well, If I’ve always been known as a women with a strong voice, then why to stop now, When my nation is under a deep crisis! I am taking your attention towards some very grave concerns for our nation “INDIA”. Once known as the golden bird of the world, Do you have any idea about the deep economic slowdown in the country? India’s GDP growth in the July-September quarter slowed to a six-year low of 4.5 per cent. This was the sixth consecutive quarter when the growth rate had fallen. Our GDP, consumption and employment are falling in a pit. The zealous youth of the nation which demands employment, has seen the worst unemployment ratio since past six years. Where are the promised jobs? Where are the young children going and getting employed after taking training in skill development programs? Have you ever visited the houses constructed under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and observed its infrastructure clearly? Did you closely observe how many railway stations and airports have got privatized right behind your eyes, when the media channels were playing the ethos of what the government wanted them to play? Not to point out any one, but name me that one company which has launched, distributed and marketed their new products successfully in the Indian market from 2014 till now and still more to come. Where as the automobile sector is shutting at its lowest, petrol and diesel prices are rising every day. The richest will stay the richest, but the rich ones are getting poorer and the middle class and the poor section is growing poorest. Small scale businesses are sitting with no customers a day because of the less demand in the market, which is the impact of the poorly planned demonetization followed by GST and FYI, the ones who’ll argue with me over combating corruption and all, Read this: “99.30% of demonetized money back in the system, says RBI report”.

WHY!! Tell me, We all fought for our precious Priyanka Reddy and those four accused were encountered. How many of you, are raising a voice for Unnao Rape case. Its crystal clear, that the ex BJP MLA raped her, got her family killed, planned an accident in which the victim and her lawyer got injured and in a different Unnao incident, The 18-year-old rape victim was allegedly burnt by the perpetrator in Fatehpur in Uttar Pradesh,succumbing to her injuries in a Kanpur hospital, she breathed her last. While you all were distracted over the Ayodhya case and the Citizenship Amendment Bill. which has created a wave of conflicts and feuds all across the nation, Amidst of all this political propaganda and vote bank politics, We all lost a fighter.. literally a fighter. A girl who was fighting continuously. She could have got scared and become silent but she was resilient and determined enough to fight and not just one but “one woman is raped every fifteen minutes in India, says a report and we should be highly ashamed of this fact.

With what kind of psychology or social environment, WE ARE RAISING OUR KIDS WITH? HOW DID SOME OF THEM END UP BECOMING HEINOUS MONSTERS AGAINST WOMEN? Instead of getting a bill passed in the parliament for making stringent laws against rapist, We all got distracted and We are fighting over something, We should not really fight for. Read the Preamble, the first page of our Indian constitution. India is a SOVEREIGN, SOCIALIST, SECULAR, DEMOCRATIC AND REPUBLIC country. Where does the term ‘secularism’ goes missing when we read a bill (CAB) which includes all other major religions of India, but excludes the Muslims. Just for a second, hold down your breath and think what if you being a Hindu were born in a Muslim family and then you would be reading this bill? How you would’ve felt? The Indian Muslims are Indian, they are as much Indian as we are. They chose India during the partition and no one can make them feel alienated in their own nation.

Secondly, the bill wasn’t necessary at all, if you’ve read a little about law, our Indian constitution and Article 5-11 dealing with Citizenship, believe me this act wasn’t even necessary at all. This is just to distract you from what’s actually going on in the nation and since many of you asked me why are the people of Assam protesting. Listen to me carefully, India is a country with 17.85% of the world’s population residing in just 2.4% of world’s area. Can you imagine the competition among each of us for our breads and is there any less poverty and unemployment in the nation, that we have the courtesy to invite more? Imagine yourself being a part of the state where people already don’t feel like they own the majority part of the state? This is the exact thing happening in Assam. They had to fight to get Assamese recognized as their official language. The state faces severe crisis of unemployment and then when you are legalising the migrants, what are you doing with your own countrymen? What should they do? Have you already chalked out the employment opportunities you’ll be raising for them?

Do not fight, don’t burn down the buses and trains whether that happened from whichever side, don’t harm the police personnel’s, they are just the public servants of the nation and they are doing their job. What you can do is, that you need to show immense faith in the brotherhood that resides in our country. We need to know that we are that one unique country in this world which celebrates Diwali, Gurupurab, ID and Christmas with the same zeal and enthusiasm. We are that same India, who has had some of the best brains born as Muslims, whether it was Maulana Abul Kalam Azad or Dr.A.P.J Abdul kalam who laid down the foundation stone for a strong defence sector for India. We have patriotic writers, lyricists and singers who have always affirmed, that they love their country more than anything.

I have a lot to say, but I’ll just keep my pen down and I’ll request the People associated with me to be aware, a little more aware about how you are getting distracted from the basic points of emphasis. Where is this nation heading to? Is our country so weak, that 75,000 police and security personnel’s are deployed in Assam itself to combat the general public of our own nation, instead of fighting the alien factors, we are fighting among ourselves. We need a reality check! We really do. We need to know, where we are heading to – a strong open minded developing nation with good employment, high GDP and food for everyone) or are we heading towards a theocratic nation which believes in investing more on statues and divide and rule policy rather than generating employments? The final analysis is yours. Please maintain peace in the country. We all know the Gandhian way of protesting, RIGHT!

-© Muneeta AnejaINDIA



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