The story of Ali and Ram.

Diwali has ALI ,

Ramzan has RAM,

We all are one as humans ,

Its high time to break the racist norms .

Be it Hindu ,muslim ,Sikh or Christian

We all are on the same mission .

There’s no opposition or superstition .

Just a life of different traditions .

But , we support the foremost religion of humanity ,

With the same principles of combating terrorism , eradicating poverty and providing equality .

So , let’s celebrate this festival of lights ..

With the sky shining from the hues so bright ..

_© Muneeta Aneja
I have written this poem to promote brotherhood among all the religions and nations .

We , as ordinary citizens have no fight with each other and so we should always show mutual respect and love towards each other ..

Wishing you a very happy Diwali .God bless .



    1. Warm greetings to you Bushra , I am really very sorry , extremely sorry , I was not active on social media lately ..Was struck up with something and I know you’ll understand and I missed you a lot ..I literally wanted to text you ..And thankyou so much for all your love , prayers and blessings ..They have made me stand high and firm ….lots of love

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  1. You have a nice blog and this post is very beautiful and different, but can you watch my first YouTube video which is based on Cricket and the link is provided in my latest post titled YouTube…
    I don’t want to waste my time in making the video if doesn’t have any potential. So, please provide me your valuable feedback on it.

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  2. I adore this post. There is more that should unite us than should separate us! There is only one God and all the religions come from that one God, differing only in the time and place of their revelation.

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