The most important thing in life is to understand the fact that everything happens for a reason. Maybe at this point, you maybe going through some sort of dillema in your life, constantly questioning yourself on what’s happening and why so, but what if I promise you, I literally promise you, that everything gets better and you have to accept the fact that you are going through a system called “Life” which is never supposed to be straight and all pleasant. It’s bumpy, it’s curvy, it has potholes, barriers, signals to stop you and direct you to move.

You just have to be patient enough to understand it and trust the God’s timing. Even if you don’t believe in God, I say, trust yourself, have faith in yourself and no matter how hard it feels, drag yourself out of that bed and write yourself a letter on how you have been a fantastic person though out the life, you know your struggles much better than anyone does. Pen it down for yourself.

Write whatever you have gone through , whatever you have achieved, the best compliments you have recieved in your entire life, even the tiniest of them and then read that letter to yourself and understand how amazing you are.

The time right now, is not how it will stay forever. Some day, the sun will shine bright and you will feel the same energy and you’ll understand, how things happened for the best, you’ll make out the cause & effect theory behind that happening and how it has changed your life for good. Just be patient, have faith in yourself, trust your god’s timing, be respectful to others, stay positive and kind.

-©Muneeta Aneja

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