The Daughter of the Sun & The Moon.

The Burning Sun☀️ narrated me the tales of fire, strength, energy & power.The misty moon told me about the strength in poise, calmness and serendipity.The Sun covered me up with its fierce wings of fire, whenever I needed protection and gave me the strength to fight back.The moon, on the other hand, dimmed the lightContinue reading “The Daughter of the Sun & The Moon.”

Haircare September: How Hairfall can be controlled:

Do you ever comb your hair, and then you look at your brush and be like, “Damn, I’m gonna lose all my hair”. Well Hairfall and dandruff issues can be counted as an integral part of our life now and we have to go through them some time or the other. There maybe various causesContinue reading “Haircare September: How Hairfall can be controlled:”

Where is this world heading to:

I don’t think, we as people of different caste, creed, religion, race, gender or nationality have any kind of differences among us. I really don’t think, that our scriptures and holy books defy the ultimate goal of humanity and love & respect for all. I really don’t think, that human beings, the social creatures areContinue reading “Where is this world heading to:”

Your ultimate guide to volumnious & smooth hair at home treatment.

Well, all of us have faced dry & frizz prone hair issues every now & then. Whether it be about, the stubborn split ends or damaged hair, in one form or the other, the hair issues have always accompanied us. We are living in the kind of age, where we blow dry, straighten or dyeContinue reading “Your ultimate guide to volumnious & smooth hair at home treatment.”

Taking care of Mental Health amid Covid-19

Hello folks, Taking care of Mental health is as important as taking care of physical health, join me in the live discussion with the expert Psychiatrist Dr. Deepak Ghormode tomorrow at 5:00 pm sharp on Leher app. We’ll be interacting about taking proper care of mental health during lockdown and various mental health issues andContinue reading “Taking care of Mental Health amid Covid-19”

A ripped & a stitched heart:

I felt a pain inside my chest,as you uttered those words,Honestly, Words did no justice,Your actions had said it all,I was left with a trembling heartand shivering hands,Coz I knew it was too over to be over.We honestly needed a new word for over. Maybe, I was not the best person in this world too.But,Continue reading “A ripped & a stitched heart:”

Synchronizing the soul, body and mind:

I see my soul communing with my body and my mind daily.My mind is a wanderer, an explorer, an empathizer, and overthinking, overloaded machine full of facts and questions all about the world and myself. A trailer of anxiety, a bundle of curiosity & an all-time carrier of information overloading..My soul is my comforter whenContinue reading “Synchronizing the soul, body and mind:”

Join me in live discussion- Scope of Journalism & Mass Communication–Mass-Communication-liveDiscussionqX9FIt3pt Topic- Scope of Journalism & Mass CommunicationDate- 25/07/2020Time- 5:00 pm ( according to Indian timing) Greetings folks, Kindly downloadthe application “Leher” from Google play store andjoin me in tomorrow,hosting a liveinteractive discussionon “Scope ofJournalism & MassCommunication”. This is one of the most requested videos and subject, you people have asked me to interact onContinue reading “Join me in live discussion- Scope of Journalism & Mass Communication”

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