DILLEMA BEHIND I don’t give a fuck:

We all are slowly and steadily becoming a part of the generation which cares the most, still wakes up with these 5 magic words everyday , “I don’t give a fuck”, You’ll fool the rest of this world saying you don’t care, but What about your inner self, How are you supposed to cheat on yourself, how are you supposed to lie to your own conscience. Internally you know you are dying out of anxiety and everything doesn’t seem alright and the first step towards improving your condition is to accept it.

✓ACCEPT IT inside your mind that you are going through a rough patch in your life and it won’t last long coz you’ll work your ass for it. Self acceptance is the biggest problem solver.

After acceptance, you need to sit down at a calm place and analyze why you are feeling these emotions and you need to take different perspectives into count, you have to understand what is the real problem that’s bothering you, whether it’s a financial crisis, or an emotional breakdown or missing someone or family issues, workplace harrasment or a simple state of dillema and anxiety or you are facing all of the above.

Now make a proper written list of solutions and a proper to do list and schedule for yourself to get out of it. Understand the fact that the process will take time and it’s no magic, but have infinite faith in yourself and in the power of your mind, that everyday you go in front of the mirror and say, I’ll make it through and that too in a better form.

Repeat it to yourself daily, that you are making a progress and you are getting better day by day. But get out of that chair and work for it. Don’t reduce your depression to a stage where you just start living a virtual life with a phone in your hand, Netflix and movies on other side and just casually chilling. You need to engage in genuine activities that focus on your self improvement.

-© Muneeta Aneja

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