Walk with your POWER !!

All of the sudden ,

Her world took a pause !!!

She was thinking of all the suitable clause ,

A woman of unshattered wisdom and vision

was wondering how to make a decision …..

When , she suddenly thought of her lord ,

That immediately struck a right chord …

She realised immense power !!

Even , in that never ending hour …

Her soul was cherished with a sense of fulfillment ,

A sense of utmost commitment …

She realised , she was searching for no one , but her GOD …

Who loves everyone unconditionally , even though we are flawed !!

She knelt in front of her lord !!

Mind overloaded : Hands folded

She was blank

Just like a lifeless plank

Unable to express herself

Clueless to find oneself

Unable to shed a tear

Consoling herself to never develop a fear !!!

With closed eyes , there she lies …

With a blink , a tear fell on the ground

The unveiling of a deep wound

She asked ,

What are your plans for me lord ?

What is happening and why she roared ??

Instantly , she feels the strength of her lord …

Unburdening herself , she answers her soul ,

Whatever it is , It would be the best

I won’t bother to care about the rest

This inner light knows, better

My faith still resides together

Because , he heard the unsaid letters ….
_©Muneeta Aneja


Just like a SERENE SEA !!

Your power is beyond imagination

Bounding states & Uniting nations

Your waves , reflect the beauty of life

Ups and downs , at the edge of knife

Yet , you look so peaceful and calm

Like , you hold the entire universe in your palm ..

I wonder , how you can be , both : Nurturing and destructive !!

My lord , HELP ME !! your mesmerizing beauty is addictive

The salt of the sea , carries an abundance of tears

Of the people and sailors , who have cried here , since years …

I guess , you have vanished all their fears

For the longing pain , they have beared ….

The shore creates a landscape of sunrise and sunset

As if it is teaching , the power of time , tries and mindset ..

You constantly tackle undefined reckless motions …

As if , you were not a sea , but my restless emotions….

Your depth gives me a sense of wisdom …

As if , It is a commence of a bright kingdom …

Just like a sea ,

I have layers of beauty

I have secrets of mind

I have depth of soul

I have constant flow of thoughts

I guess , the lesson was well taught !!
_©Muneeta Aneja

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Sunshine Blogger award

Hello lovely people ,

I consider myself really fortunate that I am nominated for the sunshine blogger award , by two of my most favourite bloggers “Akshaya Thulasi” and “zeesview“.And I am totally grateful towards them ..

Akshaya Thulasi , who owns a blog named ” From my mind” has an excellent flair of writing and I see some magnificent pieces of literature on her blog ….


Zeesview , who owns a blog named “collecting puzzles” , has got excellent write up skills and comes up with wonderfully penned blogposts.



✨Thank the blogger(s) that nominated you and link back to their blog.
✨Answer the 11 questions set by the person that nominated you.
✨Tag 5-11 new blogs and to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
✨List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post/blog.


1. What made you want to start a blog ?

Today’s age is all about digital and new age media …And social media and blogs have become an interactive platform for people across the world to share their views and raise awareness on various issues ….

I wanted to keep my point of view in front of this world , so this made me start a blog !!!

2. Your favourite post and share it’s link on your own blog ?

✨” You ain’t giving up “


3. Your favourite post from another blogger in WordPress ?

To be honest , I love many blogposts on WordPress and everyone is doing an incredible job over here …

Still the most recent one is by “Akshaya Thulasi”

“The mysterious game “


4.How did you come up with your blog name ?

Everyone is born with an inner voice , the voice of our conscience , the voice of our mind and the voice of our soul , constantly telling us or stopping us from doing things ..

So “VOICE” forms a strong connection with other beings of this planet .

And , I wanted my blog to be everyone’s blog equally …

So , VOICE IT !!!

5.Your favourite blogger ?

Huffington Post owned by “Arianna Huffington”

6.Your hobbies ?

My hobbies include a plethora of activities ranging from reading , writing , sketching , modelling , dancing , designing and on and on and on……I just love poking my nose into everything 😂

7.Are you a optimist or pessimist ?

I strongly believe in the power of positive mental attitude and visualisation .. A strong and determined optimist !!!

But , I don’t underestimate the power of negativity and darkness in life ..Because stars are always visible in the dark !!!

And , I consider both the positive and negative sides of a coin , to ensure myself of better decision making …

8. According to you , what is LIFE ?

One word : Four alphabets : Seven billion expressions , emotions and perceptions ..

LIFE for me , is simply about accepting myself , the way I am ..Accepting the fact , that I am a creation of God and so are others a divine creation of God.

It’s about accepting the fact that everyone has not got the same perception and ideology and so we can sort out things by understanding them …

It’s about accepting my flaws and my imperfections and finding beauty in them too …

The moment , you accept yourself ,you won’t seek acceptance from others …

9. Reset the list on priority basis !

mobile phone , food ,sleep , myself ,lover

It’s really difficult for me ..Coz I am an insomniac and I skip meals a lot ….

Still ,

lover – myself -mobile phone – food -sleep

* Lover is anyone , I love , whether it be family or friends ….

10. If you could move anywhere it the world , where would it be ?



1.Rad Gamer

2.Bushra’s lifestyle blog

3 Blogging with Bojana


5.Puzzles of the soul


7.Stuart L.Tutt




11.Roshanda N. Blackmon



Anyone is free to participate and it’s completely optional for my nominees ,to participate or not ..


1. Top three books on your list ?

2.Choose any one ( Fire & water ) and state the reason behind choosing it .

3.Define emotions ?

4.Mention your three favourite bloggers on WordPress ?

5.What do you prefer !! Fine dine or street food ?

6.How did you come up with your blog name ?

7.Favourite music genre ?

8.What is the impact of social media in today’s world ?

9.Any experience of your life , that changed you in a positive way ?

10. Share a “quote of the day “

_ Muneeta Aneja

The expensive expectations !!!

As I sit here

Thinking around

What has hurted me the most

Fake people : misunderstood relations : wrong words or non existing ghosts …

I see someone peeping through the window !!!

Is that you expectations ??? May I please know !!!

Plz don’t come near me

Expectations do fear me !!!

I have always thought of not using you

Always dreamt of confusing you

Still you persist everywhere

In our relations

In our attitude

You make the world seem unfair

You measure everything with your balance of give and take

Whether its real or it’s fake

With every giving ,you raise your bars of expectations

To get our minds infected with feirce action ….

You fool us around

To create the deepest wounds

Oh ! expectations …

Your expectations are sky high

They are quite tough to apply

You remain immortal ,with never ending horizons

Little did anyone know , you swallow the soul ,like a slow poison

Since birth ,

You have started this cycle

A cycle of ending up with sorrow , grief and anxiety

The things that kill us : the taboos , pressure and mindset of society ..

Why do you hurt so much expectations ???

Do I need to control my temptations..

Why you have to be so evil expectations ??

The wrong place : wrong time :wrong person and wrong application ….

I guess , It’s high time to dominate you

It’s time to make some changes to your overweight too …

I control you and you don’t control me

The pressure will create diamonds ,from the coal inside me ..

Sit down expectations !!

Don’t get so hype

Coz I am not letting you ,

Decide my vibe …

I have got everything I need ,

Why should I die for my wants …

Coz , I have the ultimate strength

To create my own FONTS !!!
_© Muneeta Aneja

You ain’t giving up !!!

You ain’t giving up

Pick yourself up

Dust yourself up

Coz you ain’t giving up !!!

You are not scorched in fire

You are the fire ..

You are not withstanding the storm

You are the storm ….

You are no average guy or girl

You are an ocean full of pearls …

You are you , and no one can be you

And that’s why, you ain’t giving up !!

Even on the darkest nights

You have to shoot for the brightest stars

Even ,when the world’s aside

You have to keep pushing on

Even , when your soul gets tired

You have to make your conscience admired

Even ,when you break apart

You have to listen to that whispering heart

Coz , you ain’t giving up !!!

You just need that switching up !!

Pick yourself up

Dust yourself up

Coz you ain’t giving up !!

                          _Muneeta Aneja 

The top trending fashion accessories , you need to see right now !!!

Hello beautiful souls ,

Fashion is ever changing , but style is something very personal to you ..We all have a different style and we carry it wonderfully , our way ….

2018 was and, is full of new fashion accessories and statement jewellery ….The new trends have flooded the market with a plethora of options to choose from !!!!

💓💓Today , I am presenting you some of my favourite handpicked jewellery , which you should try asap !!!


Boho look is all about colours and layers…..They make you look like a wanderer and a free heart gypsy soul ……

I personally love the boho chic accesories , as they really brighten up the whole look of an outfit !!! The lively colours , just add up to your wardrobe and unveil a story on its own…

The boho chic neckpieces are really compatible with any kind of outfit. Try to purchase the one with multicolour ….So that you can wear them with all types of shirts and skirts …

✨✨✨Wear them with a long shrug and free flowing long skirt & you are ready to rock the party girl !!!


Tribal jewellery is the best to enhance the majestic aura of your attire …

They are usually broad and the silver shine makes it look antique and vintage …

They are super versatile to combine with any kind of outfits …Wear them with cotton and silk sarees or wear them with your casual shirt and jeans ..

They’ll always increase your presence and give you a bold look instantly !!



Tassels ,ruffles and fringes make up for the new age style inspo !!!

The tassels are available in myriad shades and designs ..They make your outfit even more visible in public and give you a glamorous look within seconds ..

Starting from tassels long earrings to necklaces ….They really get well with any kind of outfit and the best part is , they are inexpensive and you have a wide range of options to choose from ….


THE silver jewelleries have forever retained their place in creating a fashion statement …Starting from silver drop pendants to heavy metallic accessories , like this one ..

You always get a rugged and tough look with them…..Pair them with your formal shirts amd ripped jeans & you are ready to get the look , girl !!!


This is something very versatile ..You can wear it with your casual tees and make them look wonderful within seconds …You can pair them with Indian sarees and give them a majestic look …The pearl drops , give it a stunning look instantly !!!!

Image Courtesy :- Pinterest …

For any fashion and style related  enquiries , feel free to contact me …Instagram @ms.journo


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Love yourself !!!

Love yourself

Coz you are the best creation of God

Love yourself

Coz you are the epitome of strength and your own sword 

Love yourself

Coz you have endured a lot of pain

Love yourself

Coz you are unique in your own lane

Love yourself

Coz your struggle has carved you into a masterpiece

Love yourself

Coz you always chose the right path ,which never ceased ..

Love yourself

Coz your heart forever remained pure .

Love yourself

Coz you have a beautiful soul, that always had a cure ….

Love yourself

Coz you are precious, both inside_out …

Love yourself

Coz your patience has answered you positively, without any doubt ..

Love yourself

Coz you have kindness and compassion fueled inside you

Love yourself

Like you have never met anyone before like you 

Love yourself

Like you are the first person you felt in love with

Love yourself

Coz the way you’ll love yourself , 

peoplewill love you that way

& that’s it  …

_Muneeta Aneja ..

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