I am a WOwMAN…

Let me unveil my veil
To narrate a powerful tale ,
I am a Woman ,
I am both , fire and water …
I am both , soft and strong …
Heaven is the place ,
From where I belong …
My womb is the seed of this earth ,
I am the carrier of generations,
I am the brick of all foundations ..
I am a Woman ,
The epitome of strength and grace ,
The unsung saga of selfless sacrifice ,
In this space ….
I am the mirror of society ,
I reflect your actions , with sobriety ..
I was born with delicate hands and fragile legs …
Today , I am a Woman ,
With an undestructible mind and strong head ..
My eyes capture the vision of society ,
My lips utter the language of empathy ,
My ears hear the sorrow of this world ,
Watch them dusting off ,
As I slowly entangle my curls ….
My shoulders are gifted with ,
Invisible wings ,
Feathers so light
And power so bright …..
I count the stars on sky ,
As I take my early flight !!!
I am a Woman ,
A woman of words , wisdom and war ….
As a daughter ,
I am bound to fulfil my duties .
As a wife ,
I become the pillar of my house .
As a mother ,
I am an example of unconditional love and care …
I am nothing ,
But a strong breeze of air ….
I am a Woman ,
A woman who seeks god …
Authentic enough to say the truth ,
Humble enough to accept my flaws ,
Wise enough to know ,
I am different ……
I am a Woman ,
Playing incredible and infinite roles .
I am a Woman ,
With crystal clear goals …
I have gone through the perceptions and deceptions of this society ,
Still , I stand still ,
Without any hesitation , complain or anxiety …
As a woman ,
I just demand equality ,
Equal rights for both men and women ,
Coz , both of us , are on the same mission …
I hope so , you understand ,
I am not a woman anymore ,
I am a WOW_MAN.
_©Muneeta Aneja
Dedicated to all the wonderful women reading this and the men who respect women , equally …



  1. Absolutely wonderful poem Muneeta. Your repeated affirmation of all the ways you are a woman. It made me smile big and feel quite strong.
    You say:
    ” I am a Woman ,
    I am both , fire and water …
    I am both , soft and strong …”

    Already here you caught my attention.

    Thanks for visiting my site too.


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  2. My salute to you for writing such a beautiful poem on women. everything contained in the poem is truthful – in fact you’ve given all the details for which our CREATOR have created woman.

    It is due to the women
    That we’re here on this beautiful planet
    The relations
    Such as daughter
    – the one who looks after us when need assistance
    in the son’s absence
    Gone somewhere to pursue his ambitions
    Sister, who reminds us that we can bank on her when we need help
    Daughter-in-law, continues our family and its traditions
    Wife, who comes from other family
    dissimilar in cultural mores and traditions
    but imbibes everything of the adopted household
    Nurses everybody
    Becomes home-maker
    Takes responsibility of the children and elder members alike
    Mother, mothers us from the birth to different stages of our life
    without any demand whatsoever
    Mother-in-law, gives us motherly love
    you just introspect and see
    How much women mean to us
    Without them what we would be
    Nay, our existence will not be there
    for writing these lines
    Now, finally our MOTHER DIVINE
    Who created everything and everybody
    Including the Gods
    Without Her this world and universe
    would not have been there at all




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    1. Warm greetings to you , Thankyou so much .This means a lot to me ..And every word you have written here is accurate and beautifully defines the beauty of woman .I am really humbled by the meaningful content you haves shared. Plz keep on guiding me further too . GOD BLESS .

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    1. Warm greetings to you , I totally agree with what you said and thankyou so much for understanding the essence of this poem..This means a lot to me ….I am always delighted by your wonderful compliments and precious time , that you provide to read my post …✨❣️

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