Let me unveil my veil
To narrate a powerful tale ,
I am a Woman ,
I am both , fire and water …
I am both , soft and strong …
Heaven is the place ,
From where I belong …
My womb is the seed of this earth ,
I am the carrier of generations,
I am the brick of all foundations ..
I am a Woman ,
The epitome of strength and grace ,
The unsung saga of selfless sacrifice ,
In this space ….
I am the mirror of society ,
I reflect your actions , with sobriety ..
I was born with delicate hands and fragile legs …
Today , I am a Woman ,
With an undestructible mind and strong head ..
My eyes capture the vision of society ,
My lips utter the language of empathy ,
My ears hear the sorrow of this world ,
Watch them dusting off ,
As I slowly entangle my curls ….
My shoulders are gifted with ,
Invisible wings ,
Feathers so light
And power so bright …..
I count the stars on sky ,
As I take my early flight !!!
I am a Woman ,
A woman of words , wisdom and war ….
As a daughter ,
I am bound to fulfil my duties .
As a wife ,
I become the pillar of my house .
As a mother ,
I am an example of unconditional love and care …
I am nothing ,
But a strong breeze of air ….
I am a Woman ,
A woman who seeks god …
Authentic enough to say the truth ,
Humble enough to accept my flaws ,
Wise enough to know ,
I am different ……
I am a Woman ,
Playing incredible and infinite roles .
I am a Woman ,
With crystal clear goals …
I have gone through the perceptions and deceptions of this society ,
Still , I stand still ,
Without any hesitation , complain or anxiety …
As a woman ,
I just demand equality ,
Equal rights for both men and women ,
Coz , both of us , are on the same mission …
I hope so , you understand ,
I am not a woman anymore ,
I am a WOW_MAN.
_©Muneeta Aneja
Dedicated to all the wonderful women reading this and the men who respect women , equally …