The art of adjustment !!

Hello lovely people ,

With the pace of time , I have realised that the “art of adjustment” is much more important than the “art of management “…

Because when you try to manage things ,you exert force and pressure over things…You try to handle them..

But when you learn the art of adjustment ,you automatically get involved with the surroundings…You stay balanced in any given situation…And that’s when you know what “SURVIVAL” is all about ….🍁🍁🍁 .

I am not telling you to compromise on your self respect and needs …The only thing I am telling you , is to stop thinking about the very little things ,which won’t be remembered even for the next ten days …

Now the question arises…That sometimes , we are the most humble and gentle creatures on earth ,spreading love and respecting everyone and their boundaries…and still people have something to say , something mean or roude to comment ,and yes it deeply hurts too ..

You don’t need to adjust with them for your life ..You just need to adjust your soul and emotions at that given time ..

You just need to explain this to yourself , that you have done nothing wrong and your conscience is clear ..Then why should I fear or regret over anything …

The adjustment , I am telling you to do …Is the adjustment with your body , your soul and your mind ..

All the three things should work in close synergy with each other ..Only then it would be possible for you to stay in right state of mind…

Do feel free to share your point of view and reviews folks !!!

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  1. Excellent points. Mind, soul and body should be in sync with each other for a proper balance in life. We as humans seem to get one or more out of balance throughout life; but should remember as soon as possible to rebalance – or adjust – and make right with whom, or what was wronged.

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  2. Well said. Most subliminal messages being conveyed around us are about “How to get you way in life”. We build up a personality cult around people who demonstrate this trait; politicians, businesspersons, etc. If everyone tried to get his/ her way, there would be no movement. The art of “adjustment” does not get enough press.

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  3. This is wonderful.. adapting ourselves to circumstance without losing ourselves.. there is too great a cult of individuality in this world and maybe this Covid outbreak came to show us we need to centre within and with a deeper alignment to others as well as natural forces around us.. time in nature is where I come best into adjustment and alignment.


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