Are we content with ourselves?

How wonderful social media has become these days. We question ourselves a hundred-thousand times before we post anything because we are scared of how other people will take it or interpret it. We question ourselves on how people will perceive us. We start questioning every little thing we stand for, politically, socially, personally. We think, we are not good, thin, confident, talented or beautiful enough to be here.
We become more & more like them every day & a little less of who we are. We want to live in a bubble of the image which is formed by the perspective of others, rather than our own & we regret every little internet move we play wrong.
Social media has given us so much, but the one bad thing it has left with over-anxious & over-thinking people is the art of over self-interrogation. It is very easy for people to nudge a button & write something, but it is very hard for the person sitting behind the screen to muster the courage to pick themselves up and be the real person, who they are, instead of being a mere replica of the herd around them.
There’s no essence in being them, but there’s a kick in being YOU, coz you are you and no one can be you. The next time you regret anything, I want you to remember that we all are in the same string, and therefore we can stop the judging process. There’s a thin line of difference between Self-interrogation and over self-interrogation. Let’s remember that.

-©2021 Muneeta Aneja

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Social Media: A boon or bane
The Age of Social Media


    1. Greetings, yes truly social media has created a lot of awareness on a diverse range of topics, but this article typically depicts the rising social media anxiety among the youth, there’s a general fear and anxiety on what to post and what not to post. There’s another section of the society which creates communal clashes, especially in India. People compare their bodies and get self-conscious, it has become super easy for netizens to drop a hate filled comment and therefore, I am trying to say that as humans we can be less judgemental and more understanding, as all of us are in the same boat. Thanks for stopping by. 💚

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    1. Greetings, thankyou so much for stopping by first of all. Yes, it’s intended to be a sarcastic start on how social media has transformed these days. It used to be a place to share love but somewhere people have just developed hatred or self-consciousness or deep rooted anxiety and therefore as humans, we can be more understanding and empathetic towards others. 💚Hope you have a nice day

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  1. You just wrote about me
    Before I drop anything,I try to figure out what my viewers will think of it and most times I end up not posting anything.
    Well, I think that will be in the past now because I have made a decision and I pray God sees me through the journey.

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    1. Greetings, I hope you are doing well. Thankyou so much for stopping by and reading. Social media has really made us anxious and we question ourselves a hundred thousand times before we post anything. I am glad we could resonate here. Much respect and God bless you.


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