The Girl who hailed a WAR:

I warned you not to test my
I warned you not to test me thee.
I told this world in a quiet declaration,
I am just an ordinary woman,
With strength, you won’t believe.

I was calm as a sea,
Until you forged the storm.
Now, I can’t assure your return from this voyage, taking a ferocious form.

Can’t Break a Strong Women

I told you,
I won’t give up until I reach my
I won’t stop until I attain my salvation.

You knew the kind of woman I was,
I wasn’t one of the pieces on the board,
I was the one, controlling and rolling
the movement of those pieces from a strong rope.

A strong women never gives up.

I was not prying for an insignificant battle,
I was the one, who hailed a war,
I was the one, who raised the army.

I was after all a mystery
fascinated with two things in life.
Victory or Death, with no middleman in between.

Strong women quotes

I’ll kiss whichever comes to me first,
Because I know the bowl will stay
blood-stained forever,
So, whatever may come my way,
l’ll accept it with open hands, but l’ll fight till the very end.

Strong Women fictional character

So, let the history recall me as the one who refused to give up until her last breath.
-©2021 Muneeta Aneja

♈My inspiration for this write up and attire is a tribute to all the brave-hearted, strong-willed and courageous woman, who existed on this earth and left their mark strong beneath our souls.

Vikings quotes

This one is particularly inspired by Latherga, a determined Viking woman or Shield-maiden, a female warrior from Scandinavian folklore and mythology.

Any Vikings, The Crown or GOT fans over here? Let me know in the comment section below? What’s your favourite series that you’ve been binge-watching?

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