The Ghost Actor:

Sometimes, we lose everything in life, or I should correct myself “almost everything“. As the year began, I lost various things which I had assembled brick by brick with my hard work and reckless determination. Every time I turned around, I found a beautiful handcrafted glass shattered
around me. Occasionally, I was the one who shattered the glass myself, coz they were unavoidable to become a cause of my downfall in

In simpler words, my dignity and respect stay everything for me, and I was strong enough to fight
for it and say NO. Some may call me stupid for it, but those some don’t matter, their opinions don’t
matter, the only opinion that matters to me, is my own. The only opinion I care about is of my
conscience and my God speaking to me.

People tried to get me down, break me into pieces, but I still stand here with my untarnished faith, coz I want them to see
me rising, even after they tried everything to break me apart.
My trust got diminished by time, I discovered how this world works.

Have faith in yourself.

Sometimes, we think we are in the
centre of the stage, until the curtains fall down and someone affirms, that we were just a Ghost actor, managing the entire set from the back and the light never fell on
us. And that’s when you realize, how this globe struggles, as you see the lead cast taking a bow in
front of the audience and receiving the compliments, with your ghosty shadow in back quivering with anguish and astonishment. Well, it‘s up to to you
to either bring your character to life, stay dead and
work as a ghost for lifetime, or remove yourself from any place or position which treats you like a ghost. The decision is
entirely yours.

Don’t be a Sheep anymore.

Always Grateful for what I had, I have, I don’t have
and I will be having in future.

Content- Muneeta Aneja.

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