The Art of Staying Happy & Combatting Negativity:

As we near the end of this year with some painstaking experiences, we have worked
extremely hard to bring this interactive discussion
power-packed with an expert view and tips on
“The Art of Staying Happy & Combatting Negativity
and Stress. Tune into this live discussion tomorrow at 5 pm on Leher app and understand
the best of leading psychiatrist, leading columnist and national and international conveyers holistic view in the subject of decreasing stress and
anxiety levels and living the best of life. We will be
waiting for you eagerly.

The Art of Staying Happy


  1. ♡ I AM Certified InSane; a Psychiatrist asked Me “Do you hear voices in your head?” I replied “Yes; which ARE My Parents, Other Relatives and Other Authority, Friends both Active and Dormant, Ex Girlfriends, Ex Wife, News, TV, Book, Film and Other Quotes.” very frustrated He ReFramed His Question to “Do you hear voices that are not in your memory?” to which I Replied “I do not know.” He Abruptly Ended the Session and asked Me NEVER!!! to Return


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