Decoding Spirituality:

How do you define Spirituality?

Spirituality is a very personal thing. It has got nothing to do with masses, communities or sections of society. It has got nothing to do with mass gatherings or celebrations. It is something which exists deep inside and reflects upon our relationship with our selves. Somewhere, our spirituality defines our sense of self-awareness, because it is when we are spiritual, that we meditate and truly become mindful of our surroundings.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

Are you truly living in the present?

Scientifically speaking, Mindfulness is something we need to practise every day, and how can we practise that? Meditation, Yoga, Being truly aware of the present moment, exploring nature, reading books or worshipping whichever god you believe in, that too in the simplest way possible. I am not telling you to visit the temple or make a grand celebration out of it. I am just telling you to guard
the circle between you and your god.

How can you define your relationship with your own soul?

Eg:- I know that I have some good bonds, but none of these relationships can enter inside the circle of me and my god. Because it’s very sacred and very personal to everyone. If I let everyone inside that circle, then my strength won’t just reside on God, but it will also be partially shared with all these people, I let in. So, guard your spirituality most subtly and simply, so that faith resides within you.

Gratitude is the key.

Unearthing your many layers: Self Exploration

So that you are not just a dead man walking, but you own the path you are walking and know your destination. You have to activate your senses to know what’s happening, what’s bothering you? And it is the virtue of spirituality, that will help you in the
exploration of your self, coz when you reflect deep upon yourself, you’ll realize that you were never
bothered enough to check the second and third layer of answers you’ve been searching the whole
of your life, inside yourself only. And respect all Gods and all religions equally, because all of them share the same message.

A gratitude filled 2021 ahead:-

Merry Christmas and a very Happy new year to my wonderful blogger’s tribe, who have stuck with me through thick and thin. I know we all lost something with the Covid-19 crisis, but above all, we have learned many valuable lessons in life. We have learnt to be grateful towards every single moment we spend on this universe, every moment we spend with our family, friends or the simplicity of engaging in simple activities such as having food, creating our beautiful shelter and having sufficient clothes to wear. Maybe, we need to practise more gratitude towards our Mother Earth, by being kind and compassionate towards the tiniest creatures on earth.

Practising Mindfulness.

Can we play our parts by being a spiritually connected member of the society and nurturing our mother earth?

Maybe, we can control the rise in sea levels, climatic changes and ozone depletion leading to global warming by making our lives simpler and grateful. Less Use of CFC’s generating AC and refrigerators, more healthy inclination towards vegan diet or satvik food culture, by building our small gardens or playing a part in afforestation drives and planting more and more trees in the community gardens or wastelands. Efficient use of power and effective carpooling methods can be used to combat pollution and save resources. And above all, let’s not keep hatred against each other for any community, caste, culture or country. We can still glimpse the intense rays of sunlight beaming towards us and taking us into a new year, full of miracles and mindfulness on our part. Instead of taking any extra resolutions for the upcoming year, let’s take a joint resolution that we will just try to create a better version of ourselves, that’s it. A more understanding, kind and loving human being.


A joint new year resolution 2021 to save our Mother Earth and build this place into a better world to live in.

We can connect on various social media platforms as well, You can search me by my name “Muneeta Aneja” on various platforms and we can share a mutual following or subscription in there. God bless.

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