When did we become so obsessed with quantity?

Life is not about the quantity or the number of days & hours you spend doing nothing. Life is about the quality of hours, you spend doing something worth it. Something worth it to you. Something worth it to this society, civilisation and this world, with the bold letters of Service Before Self, carved on top of it.

Quantity over Quality or Quality over Quantity?

It should be about surrounding ourselves with people we love, rather than surrounding ourselves with people to validate our existence so that we receive that one more honorary badge of “The society accepts us and likes us” and we have thousands of friends to tag on social media posts, but none outside our residences, when we need them.

Why are the global nations always at a brink of war?

We spend our entire lives searching for money, rather than meaning. Searching for love outside ourselves, rather than peeping inside our soul and giving ourselves a gentle pat on the back. We have been so obsessed with quantity, that loyalty stays a fictional or rare word now. We think of different hearts, different bodies but we fail to connect with ourselves.
We got obsessed with quantitive sharing of words with total strangers, but we forgot the real quality behind helping our immediate neighbours.

Did we lose our basic values of love and kindness?

And at the end, we got crazy, we saw bodies instead of souls, we saw global countries at the brink of war instead of living humans with a beating heart fighting against each other, ripping off their skin and living their conscious behind. We saw divorce or breakups instead of two souls ripping apart. We saw all the material things but never waited a second to appreciate the value of hardship behind it. We saw nature but we failed to see the beauty of imperfection and immortality it tries to teach us every day. We failed as a race which got brains, the mindless ones have outperformed us with their humanity. Are we so obsessed with quantity than quality?
© Muneeta Aneja 2020

The Fast paced and Workaholic life of ours has stopped us from peeping inside our souls and getting a true reflection of ourselves.

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