Are you fully present in the present?

Past and Future can either be a
wonderful place to live in or a horrendous one to
reflect upon. Believe me, there’s not even a single person in this world, who would have aced
excellently in all the three phases of life, without facing any kind of struggle.

As we interact about being positive, we need to remember the fact, that everything is imperfect, impermanent and time-oriented in nature, & that
itself is the best part of it. Still, you’ll see the genetically flawed flowers blooming in a magnificent manner, attracting everyone towards
their unique beauty. Whoever thought, that the mere confidence of the flower despite her flaws
would make her stand out in the crowd and become one of a kind, just because she chose to
be imperfectly herself, with dignity and grace.

Live in the present.

While, you may be sitting with your friends, and your mind would be wandering around an
the embarrassing event, you had to face as a child or you may be thinking about, the best comeback arguments with people in your shower time. Or
simply, the infinite number of times you’ve just been physically present and emotionally and
mentally, you were somewhere else. So, while you sit here and ponder upon what has
already gone and what is about to arrive, why don’t you just look around & feel the senses, and enjoy each and every moment of your life, as it is.

Take a deep breath, feel the earthy aroma, listen to the
the chirping of birds, look at those lush green trees, value the people sitting around you and actually be a part of their conversation, show your gratitude
towards everything you’ve in the present, which most people are deprived of.

Nature photography

Because if you are in your past for too long, you’ll stay depressed and if you are always wandering
about the future, you’ll forever stay anxious. So, I’d rather suggest you be mindful of your activities & surroundings and stay in the present. Feel the
present and seize its imperfect moments, coz this
moment won’t repeat itself ever again.
Mono No Aware
-© Content & Photography by- Muneeta Aneja

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