The Daughter of the Sun & The Moon.

The Burning Sun☀️ narrated me the tales of fire, strength, energy & power.
The misty moon told me about the strength in poise, calmness and serendipity.
The Sun covered me up with its fierce wings of fire, whenever I needed protection and gave me the strength to fight back.
The moon, on the other hand, dimmed the light for me and told me to stay calm amid chaos.

The sun always expected me to shine strong among the crowd, stay in the limelight, hold the power, be the first to rise ahead.
But the Moon reciprocated & said, don’t run behind the light, don’t indulge in this rat race. You rise, when you rise.
Let the light reach to you on its own. Don’t glare for power, it will turn you blind.

The Sun always convinced me  to be rock strong and flawlessly gorgeous,
The moon whispered in my ears, that flaws were good and being a little weak at times was fine. He said, Flaws make you, who you are. Wear them and adorn your Imperfections like a crown. The Sun won’t be the sun, if he didn’t have this raging anger, furious flames and the obsessive excellence to rise the first always.

I won’t be the moon, If I wasn’t suttle, a little more friendly than the sun and lazy to arrive, by the time the sun sets. We both have our flaws, but who knew, they would be acknowledged as our superpowers, one day.

The sun evoked me saying, You have the ultimate power to be a saviour of this world and change this world for better with courage and light.
The moon told me to stay quiet, observe the nights and see how things fall into place within a period & if not, use kindness and compassion to improve what’s in the inside of you, yourself.

The Sun and the Moon.

The Sun and the moon raised me every day, but they had a set of contradictions on raising me well.
But, I know one thing for sure, The sun always gave me the strength and light in the day and the moon, made it sure to make the world dark and Dim enough for me to stay in peace & silence. They were pretty sure, they were raising a curious revolutionary star.
©Muneeta Aneja

Content & Pictures by – Muneeta Aneja

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Picture Credits:- Muneeta Aneja

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  1. ♡ The Sun and The Moon Are Divine Feminine; every four weeks they get on and we have a full…every four weeks a lady has a period; ’nuff said


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