Where is this world heading to:

I don’t think, we as people of different caste, creed, religion, race, gender or nationality have any kind of differences among us. I really don’t think, that our scriptures and holy books defy the ultimate goal of humanity and love & respect for all.

Humanity is the best religion in this world.

I really don’t think, that human beings, the social creatures are born as of right or left-wing supporting ideologies or a religious chauvinist or extremist. I don’t think, we are born as someone who prioritises religion over humanity. I don’t think, we can ever look at anyone of any nationality, race or religion and think evil about them.

Then, how come this world got divided into narrow fragments of class and caste-based societies, race and religion-based difference, majority and minority differences. What are these clashes all about??
I’ll tell you, it’s not we as the people who are fighting against each other, but we are being provoked by emotional tools of religion and race to fight against each other by the political parties, the government or by the extremist religious groups.

Whenever you think evil about another side of society, just think for once, Would your god or would your religion preach you to do that? Is your religion not preaching you about the values of tolerance and love?
Then, What are we doing exactly? Where is this world heading to?

-© Muneeta Aneja

All the religions of this world preach the same values of love, tolerance and compassion for all.

Content & Photos by – Muneeta Aneja

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  1. This is so true. Our actual religions teach love and respect for humanity, but the “powers that be” use religious and racial differences to divide the people, so they can maintain control over the masses. I wonder when we will all wake up to realize this?

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