A ripped & a stitched heart:

I felt a pain inside my chest,
as you uttered those words,
Honestly, Words did no justice,
Your actions had said it all,
I was left with a trembling heart
and shivering hands,
Coz I knew it was too over to be over.
We honestly needed a new word for over.

Maybe, I was not the best person in this world too.
But, I bet, I carved my heart out for you & kept it in your hands,
And that was the first time, I ever handed over my repeatedly stitched and shattered heart to anyone,
And all I wanted was, for you to protect it and nurture it,
And now when I get that heart back,
It’s ripped, it’s broken into pieces,
The pieces, that I may never get back.

Are relationships meant to last forever.

I trusted you with my soul,
Telling you my deepest worries, secrets, vulnerabilities and fears.
And, all I ever needed was stability, understanding & honesty.
Maybe, I had my faults too.
We stand 50-50 here,
But, the part which hurts me the most is,
That I didn’t fake my promises, my vows, my faithfulness.
You faked a lot of things.

And at the end,
I was just left with a voice inside my heart,
That this was the first and the last time I ever trusted anyone, and this won’t be happening ever again.
Ever again.
The same pattern.
Nah, I don’t want it.

Are relationships a waste of time.

I needed a partner, but instead, I raised a kid.
I made you a man & you know this.
I was there for you when no one was.
I was there for you when you needed me the most.
And where were you hiding, when I needed you.
Coz as far as I remember, I was standing alone everywhere, when I needed someone to hold my hands & tell me that everything will be alright.
I was standing and fighting alone for myself everywhere.

Why should I?
Why should I, give my heart to someone who didn’t care to protect it & instead just forgot, that I even had something called a heart.
Coz, you know when you spoke those words & did everything you’ve been doing.
Only a heartless person could take that,
But I am sorry, as much as it hurts me to show the world.
But, I do have a heart.
And it’s a very fragile one.
And you broke it.
Sorry, I broke it myself, trusting you with it.
I did broke it myself.
But, no problem.
Coz, my mind is still headstrong and I can get back again on my feets.

– Just a verse, I’ve been working on.
-©2020Muneeta Aneja

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