Synchronizing the soul, body and mind:

I see my soul communing with my body and my mind daily.
My mind is a wanderer, an explorer, an empathizer, and overthinking, overloaded machine full of facts and questions all about the world and myself. A trailer of anxiety, a bundle of curiosity & an all-time carrier of information overloading.
My soul is my comforter when I seek inside my soul, I find comfort, I find peace, I find the joy and tranquillity in these tiny moments of life, which I was missing on in the hustle & bustle of the daily life. When I breathe in and exhale, my gut responds to me to be calm and patient. 


My soul releases the burden of my mind and the exhaustion of my body and sends me the spirit of “Live in the present”, “Go with the flow”, “Never regret about the past”, not even a single past second, and Listen to the calm voice of your mind.✅
Synergy means connection, deep sync within our mind, soul, heart and body so that you don’t deviate from your real path. So whenever your mind wanders, sit still and listen to that soothing voice of your soul.
-©2020 Muneeta Aneja

The path to inner peace.
The art of Synergy: Synchronisation of the soul, body and mind.

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Picture Credits:- Muneeta Aneja

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