If I had to endow you with the most genuine advice on earth today, it would be to stop the art of public pleasing. As good as it sounds, & no matter how upfront you stay for people, you’ll end up hurt in this process. Working with a mindset, that maybe they’ll like me if I’ll do this for them, is just getting you entangled in the rusty chains of anxiety and constant seeking of self-validation with this act.
I read it somewhere, “Don’t cross oceans for people who wouldn’t cross a puddle for you”. If you are doing something for someone, do it with an intention of genuinely helping them out and that too after understanding & analyzing the fact, whether they are in dire need of that help or not. Your time is precious honey!
But, never do something just for the sake of the fact that They’ll like me, or I’ll have some good friends or with an expectation inside your mind, that maybe they’ll help u out in your future life somewhere. These expectations will kill you one-day coz u need to make peace with the fact, that everyone’s brain is wired differently and no two people in this world think the same way, and they won’t have the same approach or seriousness towards your problem.
Pour your heart out for people who genuinely need your help, who need your upliftment & support, who need your empowerment at this very point, walk miles for them. But be very cautious of the people, who have a habit of building unnecessary problems inside their head. Be genuine and humble with your approach. Be kind and compassionate. But don’t get exploited for this one basic human nature trait of yours of seeking validation and pleasing people.
A noteworthy fact here is that when you’ll stop being an unnecessary doer & giver and focus on your life, be ready to face accusations like, “You’ve completely changed”, “I didn’t expect this from you”. That time, question your soul, Didn’t I need them someday? Did they ever ask me, If I am doing fine? You’ll get your answer already.
-©Muneeta Aneja

Seeking self-validation by pleasing people can ruin your life forever.

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  1. Wow! I think your thoughts, message and words are Awesome and filled with Great Advice and truth that we all need to hear and remind ourselves of from time to time!!
    Your posts really reach out to me!!!
    Bellissimo, My Dear, Bellissimo!!

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