Whose LIFE is un-MESSY?

Sitting in the corner of my room, pondering over my thoughts again and again, A query suddenly strangled my mind. Are we over complicating our lives? Are we really living in the present? How many years, centuries or generations are we thinking about, and how does that matter. What do we really know, is going to happen next? How am I so sure about my anxieties regarding my future life? Does recognition and self validation mean so much to us? What if god has better plans for me?

The post covid world has taught me a big lesson, and that was, that life is unpredictable, something which is too complex to analyze or evaluate, no matter how smart you are! The only thing which matters to me right now is if I were kind enough towards the fellow creatures on this earth.
Was I too harsh with them, did I hurt anyone’s sentiments?

Today, I talk with everyone as if it’s the last time, I am talking with them, with a sense of serendipity, understanding and patience because what if they lose me the next day, or I lose them the next day, would you like your last conversation to sound that way? I am not stopping you to speak yourself. Always voice up, when it’s needed the most, but we can avoid a lot of fights, if we really understand the fact that all of us are a part of the same mess, and we need to connect with each other’s souls. We need to listen and interact. We need to be kind and compassionate towards the tiniest creatures in this world.

Apathy will ruin this world and empathy will save this world.
As humans, the only appropriate thing, we can do at times, is to empathize with each others emotions and try to walk a mile in their shoes. Love the people you are surrounded by, by loving them, I am not telling you to regularly talk to them or meet them.

But, I am telling you to respect the fact that the person standing in front of you, is a result of some good and bad experiences he/she must have encountered in life. Maybe, the one standing in front of me, with a big lustrous smile on their face, is hiding something terribly traumatic behind, and you really can’t help them after a point, but what you can always do is that you can show them a little compassion, talk to them, understand their actual feelings, empathize and try to relate with what they are going through. Believe me, you’ll avoid a lot of fights and feuds in your life, if you understood the fact there life could be as messy as mine.

-©Muneeta Aneja

What lesson has the Covid-19 pandemic taught you in real life? Do share in the comment section?

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