If you feel like crying today , let your heart out and cry
If you feel like talking today , speak your mind out and talk about something which intrigues you , which excites you , which swims through the depth of your soul and heals you .
If you feel like smiling today , smile at the little kids and senior citizens you see across the streets you pass by .
If you feel like loving and being loved today , love people with all your heart , but don’t half do it my dear .
Do not half do love ever..
If you feel like hugging someone , hug someone who genuinely cares for you , the one who understands the silence and smile hidden in your deep breath , the one who calms your soul down.
If you feel like shouting and screamimg today , close your room and scream and cry , grasping for breath , feeling shattered and helpless , but cry …

Let it all out my dear
Let it all out …
The things you don’t share ,
The things you don’t speak ,
The stuff you don’t talk about ,
The words you don’t utter ,
The expressions in the corner of your heart ,
The mess hidden in your eyes ,
The language of exhaustion your soul is hiding through out the day ,
The feelings you have surpressesd deep down inside ,
Feel them , feel them with all your heart
Let these feelings out
Let yourself be free of a greater burden
Let yourself be free
Be free and fly …
Fly high my love. .
Your wings await you ..

– © Muneeta Aneja
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