Even when my world turns upside down ,
You still make me feel like a queen with a crown.
Staring at my blank face , wiping my tears away , listening everything patiently , holding my hands forever ,
Never letting me go to bed without having food ever.
Your heart still skips a beat , thinking of me in danger
In every problem I’ve faced , You’ve been a game changer
I know ,we grow old
Slowly learning how to unhold
Learning how to conceal our affection and love towards our parents
Things change a lot
What was considered cute , is now considered lame .
You’ve always reminded me to stick to my aim
But I want to tell you , I love you the most
And you are not just a part of my soul , but my soul indeed .
You make my mornings bright ,
You make me feel right
Juggling and playing various roles in my life
You never made me realize ” I missed anything “
That childlike smile on your face while you have your favourite sweet
The cute little laugh in midst of tough situations , for me that’s a treat .
I know , we quarrel at times
I know ,you get anxious soon
But , you are the only person who brings a smile on my face , when I am at my lowest.
You are my best friend , homie , my love , my everything , my closest .
I love you more than you can ever think
It breaks my heart , if you ever cry .
And I can never say you goodbye .

©Muneeta Aneja

Wishing you a very happy mother’s day in advance .Thankyou for being an inseparable part of my life .Thankyou for giving me life. thankyou for being the best person ever.

I don’t have much to show my gratitude towards you , but this tiny album to preserve our beautiful memories for life .

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