I welcome you to the cage of mind
Where everything replays and rewinds
You call me by different names of anxiety , depression , insomnia and rage ,
Little did you know , I grow as a plague
Since childhood , I’ve been teaching you how to react & respond ,
Just to maintain the worthless toxic bonds
I advocate you the path of monotony & being average ,
Well , This is the vicious game I am playing backstage .
Yes , I’m the cage of your mind ,
Making your inner intuition blind .
This cage is nothing , but the perceptions & deceptions of society ,
Controlling your mind strong enough to create anxiety .
I suppress your emotions ,
I control your real expressions ,
I make you think about what others think about you !
I constantly keep you in a mental state of blue .
I keep you awake at night ,
Dimming your inner light .
Over thinking about the demons of your mind & traumas of your life .
O boy ! I control your joy ,
My tools : Judgemental people , toxic relationships , boredom , dogmas of society & path of majority .
It’s high time to break this cage or you’ll never take a flight ,
If I wont leave now , you won’t be able to reach great heights .
I promise , I’ll return back to dominate your mind again ,
But till then ,you’ll grow mature enough to ignore my presence & break this chain .
Muneeta Aneja

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