I’ve read few people posting quotes about self love where they consider being mean and selfish is good .I totally understand that when you lay down your life for others and they don’t revert back , Human mind kinda gets pissed off and tries to cut connection and people start finding meaning in such quotes .

The only thing here is, you are a clear projection of how you treat people and you don’t have to count on the love and respect you give to the another person .

Because everyone is different and their emotions and expressions are different too .If you’ll expect the same kind of behaviour with everyone , You’ll end up feeling exhausted .

Self love is all about how strong you are making yourself , with how much respect you look at yourself in the mirror and what affirmations you keep in mind while waking up and going to sleep .

No one’s opinion should effect you , other then the opinion you have for yourself .Be good in your own eyes .Do your work , Take time for your body , stay fit , fuel yourself with the right food .Give yourself treats .Have a clear vision

But under no given condition , self love requires you to become selfish and mean towards this world .Keep your circle small but stay respectful with everyone .Give love not hatred .Share kindness and empathy .

Muneeta Aneja

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