From the dusty ashes of pain
This time as your own daughter
Unveiling of a new chapter
Reincarnation of all the scars you left my mom with ,
To prove you , the vicious game of Karma is not just a myth .
Every tear that rolled down her cheeks,
Will blur my tender eyes and make me weak .
Every night she sobbed herself to sleep,
Will keep me awake and make me weep.
Every pinching word that ripped her soul ,
Will break me into tiny burning pieces of coal .
Every time you hit her and made her tremble ,
Will shiver me down with no time to assemble .
Every thing you did to her ,
Will come back to me with the same intensity .
The pain and suffering you caused to someone’s daughter ,
You’ve to go through the same fire , the same DAMN FIRE .
I am your precious and priceless daughter first ,
But , I am the bearer of your Karma at its worst .

Muneeta Aneja
MORAL :- Don’t treat any lady the way you don’t want your daughter to be treated in future and don’t treat any man ,the way you don’t want your son to be treated in future .