Observe when the sky turns blue & people change their hues .
Observe when the night gets dark & your world feels apart .
Observe when the society works on a agenda of give and take and how emotions are on a interplay of real and fake .
Observe how the sun rises after sunset and how life transforms with a correct mindset .
Observe how tiny droplets make an ocean and how you are one of God’s unique creation .
Observe how people work endlessly day and night & how doers achieve everything for which they fight .
Observe how fortunate we are to sit and eat and on contrary there are children on street with cold & bare feet .

Observe how caste and money dictates politics and how this world runs on a small word called tactics.
Observe the fading away of black and white and glory of greys and colourful plight .

Observe the cycle of death and birth .
Observe the tinest things on earth .
Observe how happy faces hide a tear.
Observe how tears hide a puzzle of fear
-Β©Muneeta Aneja

Greetings , Do let me know what you would’ve added to this little piece.

Image clicked by :- Nirmaan