Trending fall outfit ideas to upgrade your wardrobe

Hot coffee , knitted fabrics and books ..Joys of Christmas and Santa’s gift ..Decorations and shopping ..The season of endless joy is here ..

As fall approaches , we get worried about our sleeveless dresses , A-line frocks and tops getting locked up inside the closet .

But , have you ever thought , Winter is the most experimental season of all in terms of fashion ..Its the time of year , when you play with the art of layering outfits and making them warm , cozy as well as stylish .

So here , I have compiled a list of fall outfit ideas which should be a must have in your wardrobe ..


Denims are an all time slayer ..they play such an important role in our wardrobes , whether it be in the form of regular jeans or denim jackets ..

Denim is a twill weave fabric which makes it rough and tough and not so easy to tear cloth . Denim jackets can be a great addition to your outfit layering .

Wear them with tees and scarfs or wear it with white and black formal shirt and ripped jeans ..They are super compatible.


Fur is a great choice for winters , if you get bored of your regular denim and leather jackets .

Fur is super soft , comfy , warm and gives you a chic and feminine look within seconds ..Pair some solid shades of fur jacket with jeans and boots , accessorize it well and you are ready to get the winter party look .

Wear some pastel shades of fur with your skirt and Capri and you’ll get a very soft and subtle look .


I personally love scarfs , they are a great addition to your wardrobe …Purchase them in different textures and prints and you are all set to give your outfit a whole new look .

Even if it’s a regular sweater or tee , knot up your scarf properly with it around your neck and it will make your whole outfit trendy within seconds .

Striped and checked scarfs are a lot into trend these days .You cab even opt for floral scarfs for a more feminine look .



Leather jackets are all time trend and is a very compatible outfit for layering .

They give you a rough and tough rugged look within seconds .Grey and white tee looks great with a leather jacket and skinny jeans ..Pair them with long boots to give a more edgy effect to your outfit .


Overcoats create a solid fashion statement matter , what your body type is , they make you lool elegant and formal every time .

Wear them with your office attire or your regular jeans and tee ..Pair some good boots and watch with it and you are ready to turn the heads around .


Loose woolen sweaters are an excellent way of adding a glam to your regular outfits and making them look chic within seconds .

A loose woolen sweater makes the whole outfit look more comfy and effortless .Accessorize it well ,add a belt in centre of it and fold the sleeves little bit and you are just ready to rock the look .

Content -Muneeta Aneja

Image courtesy – Pinterest

Do let me know , which style did you like the most and any particular topic , you want me to write about .

Waiting for your feedback 💞



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