The way he waved the last time ,

Kissed his wife,

Who was his LIFE ..

Gave a sweet peck on cheeks ,

I love you the most , Blushingly she speaks ,

And then he never returned back

Little did she know , he was brutally attacked

Recalling the last goodbye

She asks herself , WHYYYYY ??

The old parents grief ,

Out of utter disbelief

Innocent kids partially unaware of their surroundings ,

Stare blankly at their dad sleeping , with their hearts pounding …

The never ending pain of family stays for years ,

Inducing their mind with traumatic fears …

As I sit here ,

Reading stories on newspaper of longing terrorism ,

Which is not at all a form of heroism

I think ,

We all are composed of same blood ,

Children of the same mud ..

The division of this earth ,

Into narrow pieces of community and borders ,

The mindless actions of the most fearful , creating disastrous disorders …

They brutally end a life ….

A life is forever lost ,

The faith of countrymen is under deep frost !!

Who is going to pay the cost ??

The sudden demise of a soul ,

Short term mourning by governmental roles….

Who is going to handle the situation as a whole !!!

We all are one ,

Waking up with that rising sun ,

Plz spare a moment to think ,

Before you hold that thoughtless gun….

We all are same , with different religions ..

We send you a message of peace , with this pegion…

Every religion propogates the foremost religion of humanity .

Get up from this brutal state of insanity ..

Violence against any caste , country or community .

Will never provide you with any immunity. .

Think about the pain of their mourning parents , siblings , spouse or kids ..

I bet you won’t be able to uplift your eyelids….

We all stand here together

Against terrorism

With a crystal clear vision…

I feel ,

Terrorists are dead inside ,

They just need some place to hide ,

They have lost the path of god as their ultimate guide …
_© Muneeta Aneja