The half goodbye !!

The way he waved the last time ,

Kissed his wife,

Who was his LIFE ..

Gave a sweet peck on cheeks ,

I love you the most , Blushingly she speaks ,

And then he never returned back

Little did she know , he was brutally attacked

Recalling the last goodbye

She asks herself , WHYYYYY ??

The old parents grief ,

Out of utter disbelief

Innocent kids partially unaware of their surroundings ,

Stare blankly at their dad sleeping , with their hearts pounding …

The never ending pain of family stays for years ,

Inducing their mind with traumatic fears …

As I sit here ,

Reading stories on newspaper of longing terrorism ,

Which is not at all a form of heroism

I think ,

We all are composed of same blood ,

Children of the same mud ..

The division of this earth ,

Into narrow pieces of community and borders ,

The mindless actions of the most fearful , creating disastrous disorders …

They brutally end a life ….

A life is forever lost ,

The faith of countrymen is under deep frost !!

Who is going to pay the cost ??

The sudden demise of a soul ,

Short term mourning by governmental roles….

Who is going to handle the situation as a whole !!!

We all are one ,

Waking up with that rising sun ,

Plz spare a moment to think ,

Before you hold that thoughtless gun….

We all are same , with different religions ..

We send you a message of peace , with this pegion…

Every religion propogates the foremost religion of humanity .

Get up from this brutal state of insanity ..

Violence against any caste , country or community .

Will never provide you with any immunity. .

Think about the pain of their mourning parents , siblings , spouse or kids ..

I bet you won’t be able to uplift your eyelids….

We all stand here together

Against terrorism

With a crystal clear vision…

I feel ,

Terrorists are dead inside ,

They just need some place to hide ,

They have lost the path of god as their ultimate guide …
_© Muneeta Aneja



      1. We send you a (((((> (Message of peace, with this .and all the symbols..your soul, have got their paradise god knows it, the other not !!!) <)))))
        Many Thanks !! I can imagine, (!) arrived at her message !! I am also very sad!!!!
        Thanks a lot !!!!!!!

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  1. Very powerful, deep words. Terrorists are not on a path to God they are walking straight to hell they show no remorse for another. Life changes all too quickly in this world and not in a good way. All belief systems as you say lead to God and respect this we should. It is not the religion which is wrong it is the person and they hide behind their false mask. Bless you.

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    1. Warm greetings to you , First of all I really like your admin name : Thinking listener …Speaks to me about your sharp observation , deep analysis and listening skills…Thankyou so much for understanding the message in it ..Means a lot to me… plz keep in guiding me further too ✨

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  2. Muneeta, this is a very very deep but true based upon reality. Yes, indeed we all are the same. I have seen here in the USA a few months ago a very handsome guy was dead within a few minutes because someone wants him to go back to his ” country”. Having a brown skin was an issue for another fellow so he killed that innocent soul. I wish those terrors could think once and could read your post. Hats off to your writing.

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    1. That’s really sad …And I really feel sad when I hear such incidents of terrorism …Therefore I have written this ..Thankyou so much for understanding it ..This means a lot to me …✨✨ And I am visiting your blog right now …❣️


      1. I missed you as well, thank you and heads up for you , you are going to add another award in your collection tomorrow. I went to check your site to list you and I saw you already was awarded with this award. Muneeta you are my great supporter and a great blogging friend! Stay blessed and please stay connected.

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