Trending ways to DENIM.IZE your wardrobe !!!

Hello beautiful souls ,

Which is the most common thing in our wardrobe ? The one thing which is super versatile to pair up with almost anything !!!

You are getting me right ..They are your DENIMS…Starting from formal to informal occasions…Family and ceremonial wear , we all have our denim stories to share ….

Now it’s high time to transform that old regular denim look and add some sparkle to it ….

Today I’ll be sharing some trending tips , tricks and fashion inspo to transform that old regular denim look into something awesome !!


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How can I forget the denim jackets !! A Denim jacket can make or mar your overall look …

Denim jacket with stones, look perfect with a one piece dress or a casual black or white tee and skinny jeans …No accessories needed further …


Where as , boho denim jacket is a new addition in market …You can wear it with layers of tops, including ruffles and truffles..

Pair them with your capris and loose rugged jeans and get that vibrant look instantly ….

After all , Boho look is all about experimenting …Accessorize it well , with fringe or multicolour pom_pom earrings …


Say HELLO to denim jewellery …The best thing about denim earrings and necklace is that they are super versatile and they go well with almost any outfit ..

They can stun everyone when you wear them as a collar necklace with your formal white or grey shirt …


1.Make your own denim fringe earrings by cutting down strips of your old jeans and stitching then together ..

2.At last , attach a earring hook with it ..

3.You can even spice it up , by sticking a stone or Swarovski in between ..Or using traces of different laces ….


Why can denim be only used as a top , a jacket or a jeans ….

Say hello to denim handbags …They give you a rugged look within seconds ..And believe me they look stunning …


1.You can even create one for yourself by cutting down the 3/4th part of your regular jeans and then stitching up the upward 1/4 th part along with the pockets ..

2.You can use the left out pieces of your jeans and cut it symmetrically into two equal halves and use them as handles …

3.You can even pep up the look , by using multicolour solid lace …


Undoubtedly , denim formal shirts are a forever trend and you can’t change it ..

But , Denims slay as western tops too, and they totally make you look leaner, when paired with skinny jeans and high heels…


1.Oversized & long denim shirts are easily available .

2.Knot it up with a high waist belt ..Which will make your waist look thinner .

3.Accessorize it well with some metallic jewellery and you are ready to get that chic look within seconds …


SAY GOODBYE to your old regular denim jeans …Add a little zing to them and get a party look within seconds ….


1. Buy some stones and Swarovski in various shades , especially golden and metallic ones …Get your fabric glue ready ….

2. Form a pattern of arrangement of these stones at the bottom of your jeans or the pocket lining , according to your convenience and choice …

3. Now carefully , Place them symmetrically on your jeans and let the glue dry for some time …

4. You can even purchase the stones which can be stiched on jeans, as they are more resistant to washing and dry cleaning …

_ Muneeta Aneja

Image Courtesy :- Pinterest ..

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    1. Warm greetings to you , Thankyou so much ..I am really glad you liked it ..I too surfed the internet while writing for the exact type of bag ..But that’s a DIY ..Tote denim bags and denim handbags in other designs are avaialble in Amazon and Shein…

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    1. Warm greetings to you , Thankyou so much ..Yes , If you are comfortable with denim shirts , do try them out and you can even wear loose denim shorts with a belt , if you feel comfortable….You can also try DIY’s that I have provided for denim jewellery ….I really feel so good , suggesting you ..Really kind and humble of you ..


    1. Thankyou so much …And this was really innovative….If I would have found that , I would have added that as a denim accesory too…..And thankyou for sharing such a wonderful idea ..I am totally humbled …God bless ..


      1. Hi Muneeta , I’m fine
        Thanks for this concern & love
        Keep sharing your noteworthy literary pieces , I want to read & enjoy more from you .

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