I am the daughter of your fire ,

I admire , you inspire ….

I am the son of your wrath ,

O’ Sun , shine your rays , to light up my path …

Darkness is your biggest rebel ,

Erode it away , to make us able …

You are bold ,

You are fierce ,

You are Powerful !!

Your reflections , make our lives colourful ….

A light for the homeless ,

A saviour through nights of coldness,

A legacy of survival ,

Your existence is so vital ….

Endless and bright is your energy ,

Get your mind and soul into a perfect synergy ….

O’ Sun , We await your arrival ,

Coz , we are the child of Sun ,

We are the RIVALS ….

We are the RIVALS ….

When your soul feels dark , like a lone sunset ,

My dear , Pick yourself up , Don’t you get upset …

This is the sign of new beginnings..

The wheels have started spinning ,

Don’t you dare consider this , a sad ending !!!

This is just a temporary feeling …

Coz , The sun rises again ,

Brighter and Brighter ,

With the fury flames ,

Burning themselves up !!

And so will you ,

Rise like a SUN !!!
_©Muneeta Aneja