All of the sudden ,

Her world took a pause !!!

She was thinking of all the suitable clause ,

A woman of unshattered wisdom and vision

was wondering how to make a decision …..

When , she suddenly thought of her lord ,

That immediately struck a right chord …

She realised immense power !!

Even , in that never ending hour …

Her soul was cherished with a sense of fulfillment ,

A sense of utmost commitment …

She realised , she was searching for no one , but her GOD …

Who loves everyone unconditionally , even though we are flawed !!

She knelt in front of her lord !!

Mind overloaded : Hands folded

She was blank

Just like a lifeless plank

Unable to express herself

Clueless to find oneself

Unable to shed a tear

Consoling herself to never develop a fear !!!

With closed eyes , there she lies …

With a blink , a tear fell on the ground

The unveiling of a deep wound

She asked ,

What are your plans for me lord ?

What is happening and why she roared ??

Instantly , she feels the strength of her lord …

Unburdening herself , she answers her soul ,

Whatever it is , It would be the best

I won’t bother to care about the rest

This inner light knows, better

My faith still resides together

Because , he heard the unsaid letters ….
_©Muneeta Aneja