Walk with your POWER !!

All of the sudden ,

Her world took a pause !!!

She was thinking of all the suitable clause ,

A woman of unshattered wisdom and vision

was wondering how to make a decision …..

When , she suddenly thought of her lord ,

That immediately struck a right chord …

She realised immense power !!

Even , in that never ending hour …

Her soul was cherished with a sense of fulfillment ,

A sense of utmost commitment …

She realised , she was searching for no one , but her GOD …

Who loves everyone unconditionally , even though we are flawed !!

She knelt in front of her lord !!

Mind overloaded : Hands folded

She was blank

Just like a lifeless plank

Unable to express herself

Clueless to find oneself

Unable to shed a tear

Consoling herself to never develop a fear !!!

With closed eyes , there she lies …

With a blink , a tear fell on the ground

The unveiling of a deep wound

She asked ,

What are your plans for me lord ?

What is happening and why she roared ??

Instantly , she feels the strength of her lord …

Unburdening herself , she answers her soul ,

Whatever it is , It would be the best

I won’t bother to care about the rest

This inner light knows, better

My faith still resides together

Because , he heard the unsaid letters ….
_©Muneeta Aneja



    1. Warm greetings to you Angela ..Thankyou so much ..I am really glad you liked it …I can get from your words that you are going through tough times ….Plz have faith on god’s plan and if you feel like expressing something , feel free to share ✨✨

      Liked by 1 person

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