Just like a SERENE SEA !!

Your power is beyond imagination

Bounding states & Uniting nations

Your waves , reflect the beauty of life

Ups and downs , at the edge of knife

Yet , you look so peaceful and calm

Like , you hold the entire universe in your palm ..

I wonder , how you can be , both : Nurturing and destructive !!

My lord , HELP ME !! your mesmerizing beauty is addictive

The salt of the sea , carries an abundance of tears

Of the people and sailors , who have cried here , since years …

I guess , you have vanished all their fears

For the longing pain , they have beared ….

The shore creates a landscape of sunrise and sunset

As if it is teaching , the power of time , tries and mindset ..

You constantly tackle undefined reckless motions …

As if , you were not a sea , but my restless emotions….

Your depth gives me a sense of wisdom …

As if , It is a commence of a bright kingdom …

Just like a sea ,

I have layers of beauty

I have secrets of mind

I have depth of soul

I have constant flow of thoughts

I guess , the lesson was well taught !!
_©Muneeta Aneja

Image Courtesy :- Pinterest



    1. Warm greetings to you , Thankyou so much for your appreciation ..It means a world to me …You have encouraged me from the very beginning and I’ll be forever I grateful for that ..Plz keep on guiding me further too …

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  1. Love this. The sea holds so much within it. The movement of the waves are so healing and flowing. It is a good reflection of how God works with the Soul. The tears are stored within the depths of the ocean and the soul. Only God knows how to clear and unlock them. Beautiful photos, I needed to see the ocean it is filling my soul. Bless you.

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    1. Warm greetings to you , Thankyou so much ….You have always blessed me with your precious time and kind compliments ….This means a lot to me ..And I am really glad you liked it …Plz keep on guiding me further too ✨✨✨

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    1. Warm greetings to you , Thankyou so much. Your compliments , add a grace to my efforts and my blogposts feels incomplete without it .. I appreciate your support and love a lot …Always looking for your guidance ….XOXO …

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