Your power is beyond imagination

Bounding states & Uniting nations

Your waves , reflect the beauty of life

Ups and downs , at the edge of knife

Yet , you look so peaceful and calm

Like , you hold the entire universe in your palm ..

I wonder , how you can be , both : Nurturing and destructive !!

My lord , HELP ME !! your mesmerizing beauty is addictive

The salt of the sea , carries an abundance of tears

Of the people and sailors , who have cried here , since years …

I guess , you have vanished all their fears

For the longing pain , they have beared ….

The shore creates a landscape of sunrise and sunset

As if it is teaching , the power of time , tries and mindset ..

You constantly tackle undefined reckless motions …

As if , you were not a sea , but my restless emotions….

Your depth gives me a sense of wisdom …

As if , It is a commence of a bright kingdom …

Just like a sea ,

I have layers of beauty

I have secrets of mind

I have depth of soul

I have constant flow of thoughts

I guess , the lesson was well taught !!
_©Muneeta Aneja

Image Courtesy :- Pinterest