As I sit here

Thinking around

What has hurted me the most

Fake people : misunderstood relations : wrong words or non existing ghosts …

I see someone peeping through the window !!!

Is that you expectations ??? May I please know !!!

Plz don’t come near me

Expectations do fear me !!!

I have always thought of not using you

Always dreamt of confusing you

Still you persist everywhere

In our relations

In our attitude

You make the world seem unfair

You measure everything with your balance of give and take

Whether its real or it’s fake

With every giving ,you raise your bars of expectations

To get our minds infected with feirce action ….

You fool us around

To create the deepest wounds

Oh ! expectations …

Your expectations are sky high

They are quite tough to apply

You remain immortal ,with never ending horizons

Little did anyone know , you swallow the soul ,like a slow poison

Since birth ,

You have started this cycle

A cycle of ending up with sorrow , grief and anxiety

The things that kill us : the taboos , pressure and mindset of society ..

Why do you hurt so much expectations ???

Do I need to control my temptations..

Why you have to be so evil expectations ??

The wrong place : wrong time :wrong person and wrong application ….

I guess , It’s high time to dominate you

It’s time to make some changes to your overweight too …

I control you and you don’t control me

The pressure will create diamonds ,from the coal inside me ..

Sit down expectations !!

Don’t get so hype

Coz I am not letting you ,

Decide my vibe …

I have got everything I need ,

Why should I die for my wants …

Coz , I have the ultimate strength

To create my own FONTS !!!
_© Muneeta Aneja