The top trending fashion accessories , you need to see right now !!!

Hello beautiful souls ,

Fashion is ever changing , but style is something very personal to you ..We all have a different style and we carry it wonderfully , our way ….

2018 was and, is full of new fashion accessories and statement jewellery ….The new trends have flooded the market with a plethora of options to choose from !!!!

💓💓Today , I am presenting you some of my favourite handpicked jewellery , which you should try asap !!!


Boho look is all about colours and layers…..They make you look like a wanderer and a free heart gypsy soul ……

I personally love the boho chic accesories , as they really brighten up the whole look of an outfit !!! The lively colours , just add up to your wardrobe and unveil a story on its own…

The boho chic neckpieces are really compatible with any kind of outfit. Try to purchase the one with multicolour ….So that you can wear them with all types of shirts and skirts …

✨✨✨Wear them with a long shrug and free flowing long skirt & you are ready to rock the party girl !!!


Tribal jewellery is the best to enhance the majestic aura of your attire …

They are usually broad and the silver shine makes it look antique and vintage …

They are super versatile to combine with any kind of outfits …Wear them with cotton and silk sarees or wear them with your casual shirt and jeans ..

They’ll always increase your presence and give you a bold look instantly !!



Tassels ,ruffles and fringes make up for the new age style inspo !!!

The tassels are available in myriad shades and designs ..They make your outfit even more visible in public and give you a glamorous look within seconds ..

Starting from tassels long earrings to necklaces ….They really get well with any kind of outfit and the best part is , they are inexpensive and you have a wide range of options to choose from ….


THE silver jewelleries have forever retained their place in creating a fashion statement …Starting from silver drop pendants to heavy metallic accessories , like this one ..

You always get a rugged and tough look with them…..Pair them with your formal shirts amd ripped jeans & you are ready to get the look , girl !!!


This is something very versatile ..You can wear it with your casual tees and make them look wonderful within seconds …You can pair them with Indian sarees and give them a majestic look …The pearl drops , give it a stunning look instantly !!!!

Image Courtesy :- Pinterest …

For any fashion and style related  enquiries , feel free to contact me …Instagram @ms.journo

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  1. I do not like to follow trends, but I am a SUCKER for statement earrings… and these are gorgeoussss… I’ve seen them every where… I don’t wear necklaces but I love to look at them… and those are simply beautiful…

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  2. I love those earrings! I’ve always wanted a blue pair but they are hard to find.

    Great blog to read with fabulous tips. Thank you 😊

    Sarah xo

    Liked by 1 person

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