The feathers of FAITH !!!

The days when you could hardly breathe …

The days where you look at the clock, counting seconds to pass …

The days where everything around you moves slow …

The days when you feel suffocated with your own thoughts …

The days when you ,rewind the good old memories …

The days when you panic about the future …

The days when the traumas eat you raw …

What keeps you going ???


Faith in your self..

Faith in your lord ..

Faith to never quit …

Faith to combat the hardest battles..

Faith to stay positive in midst of negative circumstances ….

Faith to think wisely ..

Faith to lean before God and cry …

Faith to pick yourself up and fight …

This faith !!!

Which is as light as a feather ,

But these feathers let you take flight

These feathers enhance your beauty

These feathers protect you from external injury …..

These feathers are nothing in human ,but it’s faith …

His resilience to never give up…


(Matthew 17:20)

_Muneeta Aneja

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  1. It’s amazeballs …
    Soo true words …yes , faith is a feather which let us to take flight, enhance our beauty
    And also protect us from external injury …..
    Liked this
    Keep sharing πŸ’™

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    1. Thankyou so much Kranti …This means a lot to me …As your name speaks …We have to write something revolutionary and I really appreciate the fact ,that you take out your precious time to read and comment ..This means a lot to me …βœ¨πŸ’“

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      1. That’s really humble and kind of you Tanya ….I am your fan …Reading your posts and all of them seem to be magical ……I can always feel them and that’s why I know you are a brilliant writer πŸπŸ’“

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      1. I have updated the blog post for nominees by adding my questions …
        They are as follows :-
        Questions for my nominees :-
        1.What inspires you to write ?
        2.If you get the chance to change something in this world ,what would it be ?
        3 .Your favourite book and author ?
        4 .What is your definition of being rich ?
        5.According to you ,which job should be the highest paying job in this world ?
        6.Your favourite blog ?
        7.Name any movie that relates with your life ?
        8.How would the world of your dream look like ?
        9.Which one do you prefer more ?? love or respect ??
        10.Your quote of the day ?

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  2. I lost myself so many times
    I lost my face.
    I found shadows.
    Silent shadows
    that shone around my steps.
    They were the reflections of my mistakes.
    I want to learn to recognize myself in faith.
    Faith has the color of mirrors.
    If God has spread a light on my head
    I will do everything to save my name to God.
    God is like love.
    We don’t see it but we can feel it.
    (I’m italian, sorry if i don’t write well)

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    1. Greetings to you Matteo ,
      You write really well and I am totally humbled about the fact that you took out your precious time to write this ….It means a lot to me …
      And the things which have shattered you , have also made you into the person you are ….
      You have faith …Hidden somewhere inside….You wake up with faith every single morning and you go to bed with faith. ..
      This faith has kept us alive and plz keep this faith high.
      Stay blessed …..

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      1. Thanks…
        Anyway, yes, I believe in God.
        It’s important to me.
        My tears have the sound of his words.
        I do not feel alone.
        I know what it means to try love.
        I’m working hard to be better than I am.
        It was a pleasure to deal with you

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    1. Thankyou so much …This means a lot to me ….Especially this is coming from an excellent writer like you ….I really love your blog and the blogposts are magical .Plz keep on guiding me further too


      1. It is all my pleasure, thanks for ushering love towards my blog and your writings are equally magical with lovely poetries.
        Keep writing!πŸ˜‡

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    1. I am really grateful and blessed that you went through my blog posts ..And you took your precious time to comment on them….This really means a lot to me and I am totally humbled by your kindness ….✨✨✨✨✨

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    1. Hello ,
      Plz keep your faith high ..God is always there with us …Maybe as a guiding light …I totally understand , some days are just hard to bear …And things get really messy ..But plz keep your faith high …..Coz you are a survivor …You are a warrior and you are god’s own creation ….


      1. Thankyou so much πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“ You always uplift me higher with your kind words and that speaks a lot about you as a human..I am totally humbled ✨✨✨✨✨


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