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Hello lovely people ,

1.Tag the person who nominated you :-

I am completely grateful and thankful to “The Floating thoughts by _DEE KAY for nominating me for the awesome impact award …

Dee Kay is an inspirational and exceptional writer and his words form a connection with your soul …

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3.Incident that impacted your life in a very positive way :-

Since childhood , I was this little fragile girl playing with her Barbie dolls and kitchen set ….I have always excelled my academics and co_ciriculars .

I was bold on the speeches ,I made on stage ,but little did anyone know ,that I was coming from a home where domestic violence and child abuse prevailed ,every single day …..

I loved my dad ,I love him now too, and I am the one ,caring for him right now and I will always do ,no matter what …

But ,there was a time ,when I and my mom used to get verbally abused, mentally harassed and physically tortured every day ..

.The stigma of that violence and noise ..That screaming ,that throwing down things ,the words which hit me so bad , the stringent restrictions imposed on me …The childhood which got ruined ….The age which no one can return me back …..

My mom and dad got seperated frequently and then they came back together ….The pillar of my life was my ” maternal grandpa” , he was the index of my book and the pillar of my life …He raised me and guided me throughout my life .

Still,we came back to our dad’s house ….

Every day I used to care for him , I used to come outside ,when I heard him parking his car and excitedly greeted him ..But the alcohol was more powerful than her daughter …

He had a solid criminal record and people used to fear him …The everyday brutal fights ,made me very sick day by day , I gradually ended up in hospital for three to four months ..I got into chronic depression and I still remember ,for 7-8 months, I didn’t even step out of my house ….

Everyone said me to drop my 11th standard studies ,atleast for one year ..But I didn’t give up…I took admission in private schooling and completed my education with the best grades…

Time passed by ,Year 2014 ,my Nana jee passed away …..I felt devasted ,like I was left with nothing now …For the next few months , I wasn’t able to convince my mind ,that my grandpa is no more …He is actually no more ….

Things at my home got worsened …My dad thought ,the only support system is gone now …His extra marital hidden affairs got a forefront seat ..

And the irony of my life was , that the kept woman and my father , threw me and my mom out of the house …The illegals throwing the legals out …WOW !!!

Then it was all about police cases and court ..And believe me in India , Justice is eighter a misconception or a too long process …..

At a tender age , I had to leave my girlish side for some time ..The girl who never used to utter a word , had to collect evidences , had to make her voice echoed in front of this world and judiciary ….

I started making handicraft stuff , gel candles and decorative curtains and I used to sell them…The money which I collected from it , I used it to lay down the foundation of my own fashion house …I was continuing my studies in journalism as well …

I was the fuel of my house …and my mom and I created a wonderful small space for us and we were happy …But the things were just getting worse and worse from their side ..The pressure and blackmailing …..

I had to fight for my mom’s right …I had to give her what she deserved ….The battle was very long and the fact which used to hurt me the most was ” How can a father do this to her daughter ????? HOW ??

But , then I used to look at , small children begging for money on streets …Their empty stomachs and tear filled eyes ,made me realize that my pain is so smaller than theirs…..

It was a really long story and a very heartbreaking one too ..But it made me stronger and wiser ..It made me learn things everyday …It made my belief on my lord higher and greater ….

There were initial problems ..But with the pace of time , I got more educated , I tried to collect all relevant knowledge on these subjects and I was able to get some part of my mom’s and my rights back …..

But within this phase of my life , I saw everything , I saw how people turn from knowns to unknowns , how blood relation turns away ..How you have to step into this world and fight ..And how you have to combat your fears ……It taught me everything …And thus the biggest disaster of my life had the most positive impact on my life ..

Thus , my lord won and I won too…..

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_Muneeta Aneja