There is this , ONE LIFE

Just one

Gifted by God

We are the ” CHOSEN ONE”

We are homo sapiens …

A mixture of feelings and emotions

A composition of thoughts and expressions …

We all are different and divergent

We all are unique and vulnerable

I want to ask you !!



Do you fear death !!

Coz we die every night to survive another morning …

Do you fear height ?

Coz someday you’ll climb high and fly ….

Do you fear water ?

Coz someday you’ll drown within your own thoughts ….

Do you fear love ??

Coz you won’t be loved back equally …

Do you fear betrayal ??

Coz it comes from the people you love the most …


Do you fear LIFE ???

Coz it’s still an unexplained theory till now …

Coz , the moment you think you solved the puzzle ,LIFE gives you an even tougher one to solve !!!!

You have survived life till now and things have made you tougher every day …

Never fear a single thing in this world ,other than your lord and your conscience…

Trust your intution and the internal voice of your mind saying ” YES” or”NO ….

Don’t be afraid of losing people or them leaving you ,coz those who are supposed to stay ,will stay at any cost…

And those who are meant to leave ,will leave ,even though you bow down heaven for them !!!

_Muneeta Aneja ….

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