What are you AFRAID of !!!

There is this , ONE LIFE

Just one

Gifted by God

We are the ” CHOSEN ONE”

We are homo sapiens …

A mixture of feelings and emotions

A composition of thoughts and expressions …

We all are different and divergent

We all are unique and vulnerable

I want to ask you !!



Do you fear death !!

Coz we die every night to survive another morning …

Do you fear height ?

Coz someday you’ll climb high and fly ….

Do you fear water ?

Coz someday you’ll drown within your own thoughts ….

Do you fear love ??

Coz you won’t be loved back equally …

Do you fear betrayal ??

Coz it comes from the people you love the most …


Do you fear LIFE ???

Coz it’s still an unexplained theory till now …

Coz , the moment you think you solved the puzzle ,LIFE gives you an even tougher one to solve !!!!

You have survived life till now and things have made you tougher every day …

Never fear a single thing in this world ,other than your lord and your conscience…

Trust your intution and the internal voice of your mind saying ” YES” or”NO ….

Don’t be afraid of losing people or them leaving you ,coz those who are supposed to stay ,will stay at any cost…

And those who are meant to leave ,will leave ,even though you bow down heaven for them !!!

_Muneeta Aneja ….

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    1. Fear is a liar but it can do a lot of harm still. I don’t think I am as scared of Death as I am scared of getting old….. You know when you asked that question I didn,t see myself in a coffin, I saw myself in one of those death parkings where people wait for you to die so someone else can come an die too… This hurts a lot more than Death itself, I saw myslef being carried in a wheel chair and be a weight and a source of problems rather than a source of joy and hapiness. So in that way, Death would rather be a relief. In fact, I pray I’ll die before all that shit hits the fucking fan and that I start to suck da shit through the thin strawbs.. Sorry…..That’s a bite crude but it’s the way I see it. So I’m getting old and I still skateboard everyday I can, I’m not wanting it but I’d be glad to ”go” in a skateboard accident than after I’ve lost sufficent quality of life so I’d rather face the Truth that I’m a pain in the ass for the ones who really love me and I will consider myself lucky if I get to die after having defied death in a fair enough way rather than trying hard to delay the moment my time comes and by doing so avoid the feeling I’m just a documentary they have all seen or heard parts at least gazillion times, the colors are still there but the narrative is becoming more and more unclear… And those who have seen me when I was there was still that spark into my eyes,,, It’s still there today but I have to give it up to the ones who come after me. They are my blood. They are the only witness who can testify that I did more thanust existed. So yeah… I’d love to die some sunnyday after kissing my GF as I ride away on my skate and all of a sudden !!BLAM!!!! Admit it’s a wonderful shakespearean way to go. Nothing sarcastic or Fellinesque, just plain old noble drama…. Ppl will say: ”His time had come” and that will be the end of it. God grant me that wish!!! I promise to keep on skating as long as needed!!!

      PS: I love ppl who write apparently simple things but that if you start to really invest yourself living that question that you so brilliantly asked, you come to stupefying answers… Maybe not mine but I’ve seen stupefying ones. I’m not even done answering anything and see how far that led me!! Holy Shit!! I’d love to have you in my regular private friends if its ok with you? I must admit my life is in a huge pickle maybe that’s why I’m in sucha hurry to sell tickets for the ”grandpremiere’ of my spectacular planified death. it’s all sugarcoated but I’m between a rock a hard and shitty little place right now. I coul definitely use all the help I could get while I still can do something about it!!! I wish OI could just do like The Meteros in that track from the ”Wreckin Crew”, a track simply called ”I Don’t Worry About it”. In fact its what I wanted to do at first and thenI realised I would have been so fucking full of shit if I’d done it any other way than I just did. Thank You!! My email is tobedamit@gmail.com, my fb page is Tobe Damit and I also have a fb page under Loud Alien Noize that is kinda like a complement to my website about ( !!!???) called tobedamit.com. Huge Hugz!!! xoxoxo

      Sincere plaisir to get to know you!! Love the way you cut the crap.

      Tobe, or Not To Be, Will Be. (btw GOD is DOG backwards. Ever since someone made a joke about this when I was around 6 or 7 years old, I felt this wasn’t a joke at all but rather some weird coincidence and that it meant something important (!). And I still do (!!!!)

      ”You never see what you want to see, Forever playing to the gallery, You take the long way home, And when you’re up on the stage, it’s so unbelievable, Oh unforgettable,… ”

      Who wouldn’t resist that kinda Death…. Not me.. NO WAY !!

      Sorry if it’s a tiny bit very extremely long… Seems I can’t take the short way home..

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      1. I should be the one making that statement, “keep guiding me”.

        Besides I only stated the obvious love…
        Sorry about the mistake, I meant “die every night”
        That sentence….

        …big hug…

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  1. I definitely get nervous about not being loved equally, but I’m learning that if I’m supposed to love people, then I should just go ahead and not let fear hold me back. Like you said, we only need to fear God! I agree that if people are meant to be in our lives, they will stick around.

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    1. Yes dear …You have loved people unconditionally and that speaks about your character …But don’t worry and panic thinking about ,how much will they love you ..That defines their character ..Just believe in the fact ,that you are the best ….And thankyou so much for reading the post and appreciating me and sharing your views ..This means a lot to me..Stay blessed πŸ’“βœ¨

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    1. Thankyou so much …This means a lot to me ,especially from your side …You are such a gifted and talented writer …And plz Keep on guiding me further too ✨✨✨ Your appreciation means a lot to me

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  2. Thanks for following OMBH! I hope you find a smile or three when you visit!
    Now that I have your attention… how about having a look at my first collection of short stories… perfect to fill in the few leisure hours at your disposal!
    Great, thanks!!
    πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ http://a.co/i2pAj6q

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      1. ”And I will say to you, I will do what I can do” Peter Gabriel on the track ”Wallflower” from his solo album Security that once gave me the feeling everything was gonna be alright and it did For a (LONG) while!!!!

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  3. Just hurry up in between buckets cuz its cold and not very private. I have asked my lawyer for a really big party and charge it to the guy who shot my dog I loved so much… (Don”t forget to send donations!!! I could realy use them ya know!!!!)

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      1. paypal! tobedamit@gmail.com I wish I’d listen all the time to my innervoice but I still feel I can’t fully trust it but I wish I was. I so lack confidence and the go ahead it’s telling me I should have…That all my dreams can come true…Etc… But sometimes I feel its just like booasting my ego and that sort of crap..lol.. You feel what I’m sayin’?

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      2. I’m sorry for being pushy fir the dinations. Sometimes I just didn’t know what gets into me. I read somewhere today that we learn a lot more in defeat that we do in winning. Still pondering on this one but it could be close to the Truth. Have a wonderful evening dear and don’t worry about the donations!! It’s true I need them but I been way too pushy so yeah… I wanted to share something with you. In the last days I have been confronted to people who were a little disrespectful and I just didn’t have figured what was the correct way to answer to soemone who just is ignorant and doesn’t totally realise how stupid and violent and disrespectful are some of the thngs they are saying. And I have had this problem for awhile now because I’m also very proud and I don’t wannna seem like I’m backng off from a fight or something ya know… SO… I was thinking about this and I thought of this powerful title from a Black Flag song ” Rise Above” but I applied the context of what I just told you instead of the meanng of the song which is rebel rebel and destroy or something…. I just realised the answer was taking pride in acting more noble than your detractors, or ennemis or wtvr that are trying to put you down with words such I described earlier;..Act grand, act noble like the true person you are… Rise Above…. Just wondering if it makes some sense to you. I don’t know you lots but I trust your judgment. Already. – Tobe (or not ToBe) Damit

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      3. Hey Tobe ,
        I don’t know you much, but I know you are a great person ,coz you are collecting funds for your dog …I am a dog lover too and I know how it feels when you love and raise them like a kid …I know exactly how it feels and I know exactly what you are going through…..You’ve never been pushy Tobe…It’s just common human nature …The things which stay up in our mind , eat us raw and I felt good that atleast you are able to express it …We all will do our best to help you and the song which you shared and its meaning is too wonderful …Plz take care of yourself and always remember ….Your dog ,wherever he or she is ,wants to see you smile ….So , plz have faith and smile in midst of negative circumstances ,coz that will give you the energy to fight against the odds …
        Muneeta Aneja

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      4. Thanks so much!! I just finished writing my comment lol.. Damn writers eh!! Anythng can become a foetus or well ya know… An all or nothing kinda stuff…. PLZ finish reading my comment. I think there’s something worth rescuing amongst all those words..


  4. This post sure is full of wonderful thoughts and ideas on how to improve ourselves. You have made me search my inner soul while reading this. You are a truly gifted writer using words to convey messages from deep inside you. Thank you for allowing us a look at all this !!

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    1. Warm greeting to you Mr.James ,
      Thankyou so much again…I am grateful towards your precise observation and your compliments ,made my day for sure ….And I am saying this from my heart …This means a lot to me ….Like ,I enjoy the tiniest things on earth and little and huge compliments just make me jump and dance …And therefore ,thankyou so much …I am fortunate enough to be connected with inspiring and motivating people like you ✨✨✨😊😊😊

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      1. I am sending you warm kind thoughts from my heart because you made me feel good inside with your compliments for me about you. I do enjoy posts that are well written from another persons soul. We can see by your words that explain pain love and hidden fears all these are assurances we are on the right reading path. Please keep creating such amazing posts _Muneeta Aneja !!

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      1. Sending you loads of love and hugs + blessings …I am too small to give you blessings …But still….You are a great person …Stay forever blessed and happy ✨✨✨


      1. Wow. Thanks. I’m truly humbled. You keep at it, in due time you’ll be rewarded. BTW, I landed on your poetry by chance right after I’d read an anti-God post on another blog. You give the world hope.πŸ‘Š

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      2. You’re welcome. Keep at it, you give the world hope.πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜ƒ
        BTW, I landed on your blog by chance right after reading a post by an anti-God writer which I found abusive. Then I read your piece and was encouraged.

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  5. Fear is the opposite of faith. We know that. But, is there healthy fear? I think so. Without fear of fast moving trucks on the road next to you, you’d be run over by them! Is caution another way to address fear? I like your reminder, β€œDon’t be afraid of losing people or them leaving you, coz those who are supposed to stay will stay at any cost…” yup! And when we love those people, we must do so with wild abandon! Never fear loving too much! Thank you for your inner voice… and the courage to share it!

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    1. Thankyou so much …I graciously accept what you have written as it’s 100% true …One should never be afraid to love people ….And caution is necessary ..Your words added a whole new light to my blogpost…Thankyou so much …I really appreciate this …Warm wishes , respect and love for you across the rivers ✨
      Muneeta βœ¨πŸ’“

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