The jewelled JOY !!!

The most wasted of all days is the one without laughter ..

_Nicolas Chamfort

In a world full of dogmas ,confusion and propoganda ,Joy has become very expensive today ..

We live in a world full of hypocrisy and fake faces hiding behind a humble voice and a gentle smile…

Sometimes , the people we love the most get exposed when the mask falls off ….

So ..What should we do ???

Should we lose our hope and faith and live in a world ,where joy merely becomes an exception !!!

But I guess NO !!

Joy is an inert choice ..The moment you feel ,you lack happiness in life ..Just ask yourself , Why did you depend on external factors to seek bliss ???

The expectations broke you ..They shattered you into pieces….

The only person ,you have full guarantee for , is YOU : YOURSELF …

The only person ,who can take charge for your life is YOU…Only you can make and create positive changes in life …

And the only one person you should expect anything from is ,YOU…

Feed your soul ,mind and heart and joy will come back to you ..Nourish yourself ..

Take proper rest ,Eat well…Spend some time with nature and pets….Explore the beauty of this world ….but don’t ever give the key of your happiness into someone else’s hand ….

_Muneeta Aneja

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