Look in the MIRROR !!!

Look in the mirror

Look at the beast standing in front of you ..

Pick yourself up !!!

Look at the magnificent persona of

the man / woman who encountered a thousand battles…

Look at the warrior and survivor ,

standing in front of you ..

Tell him the tales of your glory once again .

Just remember ,the moments ,when you had every chance to give up ..

But you didn’t ..

Give a pat to your badass determination …

Think about the moments when you lived

with an empty stomach or pocket ,

consoling yourself that things will get better ..

Think about the moments ,

when you were cheated ,betrayed or decieved by the people ,

whom you loved the most …

Think about the sleepless nights ,you have went through .

Think about the mistakes that made you wiser ..

Just peep back into a time ,

where you laughed so much ,

that your belly hurts …

Take a look at the roaring lion standing in front of you ..

He/She is strong

He/ She is fierce

He/ She is powerful

And that impression on the mirror can combat anything in this world …

Take a look at the indestructible aura of your mind ….

Dive into the depth of your soul and the purity of your heart ….

Remember the moments ,

when you were left alone ,

by the people whom you considered family and friends ..

Take a thought for a while ,

Can you see someone standing alone in their problem now ??

Can you ignore or neglect them ,the way you were left out ???

Answer these questions to yourself ….

Transform the beast inside you into a helping hand …

A man / woman who understands

the notion of selfless sacrifice

and giving without expecting …

✓✓Do feel free to comment plz folks ,share your views and ideologies on the subject ..Guide me !!

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  1. Reblogged this on Turning the Page on Suicide and commented:
    Yes and Yes! Such a beautiful and truthful reminder to remember who we were and who we are becoming because of what we experience. I especially loved the line, “Just peep back into a time ,where you laughed so much ,that your belly hurts …” I immediately smiled because the memory surfaced.

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  2. Surely this is prolific, powerful and uplifting… You shall have an eternal public, because you express from a place beyond what the human eye can see. Many look at you as pretty and miss the essence of your beauty… I’m glad I found your blog

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  3. Fantastic! I often look in the mirror, I used to not like what I saw because a I could see is the pain, but now I see beauty. Wars of my past, instead of playing the victim, I became the victor! Keep those positive vibes coming. Ty

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Completely true and I agree with your statement ..And I think as writers ,we have that creative and divergent side to ourselves…So we understand and empathize better with the emotions of people …

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  4. Another amazing post full of what it takes to be a human being. Thanks for these shared thoughts from your soul to our eyes !! Keep going strong and always stay posiitve at all times. You are a wonderful being who writes incredibly well and interesting posts _Muneeta Aneja !!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thankyou so much …This really means a lot to me …Especially from your side …I am totally humbled by your appreciation and support .This surely speaks about you as a gentle person. ..Plz keep on guiding me further too ✨✨✨


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