Perception or Truth !!!

Truth is a fact or belief which is accepted to be true , accompanied with facts or reality ….

When I think about truth , I don’t know why ,the word perception pops into my mind ,instantly ..

For eg :- A staircase can be used as a means of climbing upwards for some and some take it as a means of stepping downstairs …

If you know what I am saying !!🌏

We live in a world ,where we are surrounded by fake people everywhere…

.Everyone has something to say ,something to share and we have something to percieve…But we don’t know whether it’s a mere perception or a hard core truth !!

Confusion arises when we hear a lot of different perceptions and assumptions about a single thing ..

The same person who is said to be a criminal , a murderer or a rapist ,would be an innocent guy for some people ,a brother and a son to some one …Obviously ,they are bad in our eyes ,but it’s a matter of perception…They may be good to someone …

Similarly ,a person can be good for 95% population ,but still there will be 5% people who won’t like them…

Why is it so ?? Why don’t we agree on the same thing ?? We all are humans ,same composition ,but still we hold so many different ideologies !!!

At last , I would just like to say …When we try to judge someone or assume something on our own ..Just take a second ,to imagine yourself in their shoes and take a walk in them..Try to empathize with them..Connect with them..and then give your opinion..

Don’t be so fast on judging people..Maybe they are the ones who pray for you secretly ..

Secondly ,when you start saying something about others ,Just imagine ,How would you feel ,if the same thing was said about you , behind your back ???

Those words didn’t sound nice na !! Something hurted you really badly ..So just pray for people ,bless them ,even when you are going through your own storm…

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  1. Hi, I would like to comment about Truth and Fact with your permission . As you said, Truth is sometimes we are forced to believe …my example ==> Truth ==> Sun rise and Sun set … There is nothing called Sun rise or Sun Set in any country … The Simple Fact or science is ” Earth Rotates itself causing day and night ” thats it .. this is difference between Truth( What we believe) and the Actual fact .

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  2. There are lots of truths from certain points of view. It’s up to us too discern our truth. Beyond common truths and similarities that mankind has we can find harmonious solutions to most situations. Nevertheless, be watchful as the fakes are getting harder to detect.
    Nice posting. ☝️

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    1. Thankyou so much …This means a lot to me ….Your precise observation about words and your precious time ….The compliments have made my day ….Plz keep on guiding me further too ✨✨✨


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