( I bow to thee mother !!!)

_Bankim Chandra Chattopadhya

The nation with a heart of gold and soul of steel is celebrating its 71st Independence Day on 15 August, commemorating the nation’s independence after a long freedom struggle !!!

India is the 7th largest nation of this world and no words can describe the beauty of its uniqueness …The rich flora and fauna of this country ..The agroeconomy based nation where the major population is engaged in agricultural activities …

The Indian markets which are full of colours and lights ..The festivals which brighten up our home ..The relationship and connections that Indians can make with the rest of this world …

The “juggad” or (the easy way to do things ,coz we are lazy )term can define the Indian minds …The way we interact and greet our tourists ( Atithi Devo Bhava )..The fraternity and brotherhood of India , defines its heart and soul ..

The democratic nation ,with the largest written constitution,where people have the right to choose and elect their government….

The nation with a liberal still law based media which acts like a watchdog against the wrongdoings of society …

This independence day ,let’s explore the culture , ethnicity and heritage of India ..

The folksouls !!!

Wishing you a very happy independence day !!

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