Be a human first !!!

Age of information !!

In this age of information , propoganda and dogmas…I find myself lost some time ..

Are these smartphones making you smart ???

We all think our lives our sorted ,with our smartphones in one hand ..But that is the genesis for a even bigger problem !!!

The social media hypocrisy !!

In this age of social media ,everyone has got the real right of freedom of speech and expression..With an increase in user generated content and feedback system !!

I find people holding 100 million different reviews on the same thing ..

The reason behind turmoil !!

We all wanna play an active role in the growth and development of our nation and since we are not playing a direct role towards its protection , we tend to use an even bigger tool : Social media that comprises of Facebook ,Instagram ,YouTube and various other sites ,where people have got an equal right and opportunity , to place their opinion in front of this world ..

Undoubtedly Social networking sites are the best in terms of information ,education , entertainment and creating awareness…

But don’t you think : From where does all this turmoil come from !!

The communal riots !!

A small communal riot will change into a massive national hatred scene …Whether it be in case of Muzaffarnagar communal riot ..

People of different communities and caste tend to fight on social media …What for ??

People of different nations and races fight with each other ?? How does this make sense ???

The big picture !!

Let’s take a look at the big picture over here …

The thing is that ” Before being a person of any religion ,caste ,creed ,race or sex…You are a human being first ..We all are Home Sapiens ,biologically speaking …We all have this same composition of blood and organs inside us…

We all breathe the same air , and drink the same water ..We share common interests ,likes and dislikes…We all are disconnected with each other ,still connected at some front ..

The same blood !!!

When we all have this same blood ,then why do we feel good when the same blood flows out of someone else’s body of other caste and race…Why ???

Kids are kids ,everywhere…Whether it’s an American or African , A lady is a lady….Whether an Indian or Pakistani ,a man is a man…

Religion of humanity is the best of all !!

Then what is this all turmoil for …Why did we forget the religion of humanity before anything !!

The next time ,you hit social media with any such comment that could ignite any conflict …That time ,sit and think about your brothers and sisters from another mother …

Do,share your reviews folks !!!

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  1. Very insightful and deep. It’s really strange the way humans truly relate and the mindset we have towards one another. It’s worth reconsidering.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Stay blessed.🌷

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  2. well said and I can tell great thought went into this blog…This is vital information! World power sends our sons and daughters to fight a war that they created for world domination… Our lives are the trade-off for the lust for more and greedy grabbing hands of power… The attackers lie and say we are the protectors

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