Have you ever wondered , Why some people are so violent ? They have this hyper aggressive tone ? Or have you ever wondered why you see some people , only grieving about the past ?

There’s a solid reason behind it ..People tend to be controlled by words ….I know ,Actions speaks louder than words ..But somewhere or the other ,All of us are controlled by this strong external factor called “Words “..

The words which are the strongest weapon in this world , have the mighty power of making or breaking someone ..

The way we lift out words and the way we play with them ,defines our personality to a large extent .People get to know about your actions later and they notice your words first ..

But ,people control us with their words …When they say something sweet ,we get mesmerized with them and when they say something negative ,we get deeply hurt by it ..

The power is to use ” LOGIC” over here ..Whenever some one tells us something ,we don’t need to digest everything .One should know ,where to accept it and where to ignore it …

One should know ,How much power are you willing to hand over to the person who is standing in front of you trying to surpres your identity with his/ her words ??

You should try the art of hearing everything and adopting only the facts which you think are practical and applied to you …

One should know how to easily forget and forgive anything ,which becomes a hindrance to your growth and development..

We should try the art of self control ,where we can control our impluses to react on anything good and our urge to get sad ,when something wrong is said …

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