7 Best dressing room decor ideas you need to see right now !!

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We all are obsessed with our *home sweet home * ..No matter how much you travel , we feel our home is the most comfortable space in this entire world ..

For girls who love being organised and trying out new DIY ideas , I have some cute ,funky and quirky dressing room and DIY ideas for you …

The large Diagonal Mirror !!

Dressing room is priceless for a girl ..The most priceless possessions of a girl stays there ,starting from lipstick ,mascara, foundation to eye shadows ..

Use glass jars to keep your beauty blenders and cotton !! ( DIY)

You can use glass jars to keep your beauty blenders and cotton ,out of dust and easily reachable for you ,when you need it !!

Circular Mirrored dressing room!!

Use regular glass as a makeup brush holder !!(DIY)

Take some regular water glass or champagne glass ,if possible and put some glitters and pearls in it ..You can even use sand as an inexpensive material and the brushes will fit perfectly well. Decorate it with some ribbons & you are all set to go !!!

The Pentagon mirror dressing room !!

Clear the clutter !!(DIY)

To keep your dressing space organised …You can make use of different glass squares attached together with glue gun..And then arrange your lipsticks and compact in it effectively !!

The mirror jewellery drawer !!

This is something very trending and fashionable ..The mirror just gives it a 3 D effect ..It will look with every texture and wallpaper in your dressing room and will keep your jewellery and make up stuff hidden behind !!!


    1. Yes , I think so mirrors make a room look bigger and their reflection just creates a right kind of atmosphere in home …I love your ideas too in your blogpost..They were really creative and amazing ….Thankyou so much for reading and appreciating ..I always need your support ✨❣️😊

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