The Top 5 Street style looks you need to follow right now !!

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Street style is all about being chic yet trendy...I personally love the experiments you can make with streestyle fashion..

Streets style is all about exploring yourself..Mismatching the outfits in your wardrobe and creating something new and extraordinary..

✓✓✓I have few tips for you and some must haves , if you want to play with Street style this season !!!

1.The vintage floral oversized shirt !!

Oversized shirts are something which are very compatible with every thing in wardrobe , starting from ripped jeans to plazos to knotted trousers …So you can make a whole lot of experiments with the oversized floral shirt..And if you accessorize your whole look , with some tribal jewellery ,than you are ready to slay the game ladies !!!

2.The Boho Chic hot pants !!

A boho outfit is all about colours and prints ..And this is something ,you should’nt miss at all ,if you want a good Street style look…Pair these pants with formal white ,beige and black shirts and some metallic earrings and hand jewellery and the stage is all yours ..

3.The flaired jump suit !!

This is something very classy , elegant yet you can count it as Street style..The ankle length flair just gives it a stunner look and the waisted knot acts like an icing on the cake..Carry a good handbag with this look , to make it more awesome and memorable …

4.The oversized denim shirt !!

Okay ,now girls…This is something you need to buy right now !!! An oversized denim shirt is super flexible outfit to wear with skirt ,jeans or hot pants ..It can act like a cape and give you some super stylish rugged look…Pair it with black ripped jeans for best results ..

5.The Striped knotted cape !!

Stripes are never out of fashion and the vertical stripes can make you look more leaner and heighted ..This is something you should try ..For best results ,pair it with white trousers ..



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