HEEL THE WORLD !! Top 5 trending heels fashion you don’t wanna miss !!!

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Heels are the confidence builders ..In my case , it would be so true to say that I can’t concentrate in flats…

As quoted : A woman with a good pair of shoes is never ugly , seems to be super true..

You look at a girl , you look at her footwear and you can exactly say ..YEAHHH…she is playing the right style game….

For all my hustling ladies , Here I have selected few of the best and top trending heels designs for you ..

Don’t miss them !!!


When in confusion wear black , This is not only applicable for dresses but also for footwear ..As a lady , you should have a good pair of black high heels..And how can you miss on them , if they come with such amazing effects !!!


You just look at them & you are like ,DAMN !! IT’S CLASSY !!!… Believe me , this is again a super compatible pair of heels ,which can go well with almost anything in your wardrobe ..And the best part is the button tightening ,which keeps your legs firm and your posture correct !!


Now ,this is something party wear ..The type of footwear which rarely exists…Yes ,it needs proper handling ..But when you wear it with your stunning one piece , you’ll slay the style game !!!


Glittery shoes ,glittery heels ,glittery eye shadows…Glitters are everywhere right…Being a girl , You just can’t avoid ,how much the sparkle and glitter attracts us ..Pair them with your ripped jeans and hot pants & you are ready to rock the party girl !!!


Something simple yet very fancy…Try this exact type of heels in differnet shades like neons and mustards and pastels ..But do get ,one pair of heel like this…It just grabs everyone’s attention at your smooth and sexy feets !!

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    This is beautiful

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    1. innervoice28 says:

      Thanks a lot 😊😂

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