Stylish ways to use the space under the stairs !!!#homedecor #interiordesigning

We all have that extra space under the stairs , which we feel is basically “good for nothing “…

But this extra space can be converted into a short and cozy living space ..

1.All you need is a good spongy soft mattress .

2.Lots and lots of colourful pillows to make the space lively …

3.Trendy frames with family pictures or funky posters ..

4.You can even make a bit spiritual and nature friendly place by adding bonsai plants.

5. A side parted water fountain can utilise the space and beautify the place too ..

6. You can even add beautiful hanging lanterns and lamps to add brightness to this cozy place and thus make it look bigger …

7. Pastel shades are best when it comes to paint the under staircase space but one can play with funky colours too..

8. You can even make use of stickers or hand print art to make the space look quirky and funky …

Do try it now !!!

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